Sounds From NoWhere takes shape in late 2015 from the idea of a small group of people, everybody involved into electronic music in their own way. Combining individual experiences with a pure and real passion faraway from fashion, they join forces to propose a clear window on the most underground and cutting-edge techno from all over the planet. Since the first podcast has been released in the 

beginning of 2016, the series has grown day by day becoming a regular appointment for its followers, giving them the chance to fill their ears and their souls with an overall spectrum of sounds, exploring every shade of electronic music from raw acid lines to deep ambient pads. 

Being a platform conceived to give artists a free space of expression without any limit, the catalogue gained a various and deeply true level which delights its fans every Monday biweekly. We know that music is what brought you here and it is what we care more about, that’s why we always try to offer the most effective and mere experience by proposing only our mixes and what is strictly related to them.

As forward as the world spins, we try to improve every aspect of our work in order to always bring you an innovative and exciting experience.


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