005 – 2030


  1. Virta – Mutation Obsolete Amorous (Original Mix) [ProForm Series]
  2. Redcell – Scriptures (Original Mix) [Warp Records]
  3. Achterbahn D’amour – Passagen (Convextion Remix) [Acid Test]
  4. Erell Ranson – Everything Needs To Be Clear (Original Mix) [aDepth Audio]
  5. Morphology – Inertial Motion (Original Mix) [Zyntax Motorcity]
  6. Aux 88 present Black Tokyo – Electronic Cinema (Arne Weinberg Remix) [Puzzlebox Records]
  7. Lost Trax – Birth (Original Mix) [SCSI-AV]
  8. Hardfloor Feat. E.R.P.- 4th Dimension Of The 5th Ward (E.R.P. Version 1) [Hardfloor]
  9. Morphology – Microbial (Original Mix) [Zyntax Motorcity]
  10. Nuron – Eau Rouge (Original Mix) [Likemind]
  11. Arne Weinberg – Pangu (Original Mix) [AW-Recordings]
  12. Slam – White Shadows (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
  13. Kenny Larkin – ESP (Original Mix) [Warp Records]
  14. The 7th Plain – Trite (Original Mix) [General Production Recordings]
  15. Rhythim is Rhythim – Icon (Montage Mix) [Transmat]

For our fifth episode we have the pleasure to host 2030 and his unique sound. Here comes another deep and refreshing breath, still full of these unique retro-future-rhythms.


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