054 – Æmris


01. Zov Zov – Buried (Original Mix) [Berceuse Heroique]
02. UMWELT – Parc Expo Hall 02 (Original Mix) [Rave Or Die]
03. Alessandro Adriani – A Man Who Would Come Here of His Own Free Will (Original Mix) [MMODEMM]
04. One Day In Metropia – Homeless (CREDIT 00 Remix) [Rat Life Records]
05. Ancient Methods – Andromeda (feat. Zanias) (Original Mix) [Candela Rising]
06. Phase Fatale – Operate Within (Original Mix) [Hospital Productions]
07. Schwefelgelb – Es Zieht Mich (Original Mix) [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
08. Blush Response – Instrumentaly (Original Mix) [Sonic Groove]
09. H880 – 002 (Original Mix) [H880]
10. SÆDEM – Hallucinations (Original Mix) [MOTZ]
11. Raison D’Etre – In Emptiness (Original Mix) [Old Europa Cafe]‎
12. Silent Servant – Process (Introduction) [Hospital Productions]
13. AUX88 – Algorithm (Original Mix) [Direct Beat Records]
14. Drexciya – Aquabahn (Original Mix) [Clone Classic Cuts]
15. UMWELT – Esa (Original Mix) [Satamile Records]
16. Kraftwerk – Die Roboter (Original Mix) [Kling Klang]

Æmris is a brand new talent class ’96 from Apulia. Experimental techno is his core genre; scrapes of acid, ebm and industrial are added to the mix which emanates a characteristic and captivating concept of electronic music.
Æmris is fully immersed in the dynamism offered by the most genuine ebm and post punk industrial techno, resulting in smooth and contemporary productions.

Despite his young age, Æmris holds a residency at Kode_1 club and warmed-up for several heavyweight champions such as: Ayarcana, Tessela, Legowelt and others.
Forged by the Apulian nights, Æmris is slowly becoming a unique jewel, ready to be picked up by the most meticolous wayfarer.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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