186 – Alessandro Nero


01. Alessandro Nero – Distrust Of Motives
02. DarkCloud – Nacreous [OMEN Recordings]
03. Alessandro Nero – Ausländerbehörde [Autonoma Industriale]
04. Alessandro Nero – Aesthetics Of Failure
05. Alessandro Nero – Ostkreuz Acid [Autonoma Industriale]
06. Alessandro Nero, SUNDS & Desert Drone – Klangverbot [Autonoma Industriale]
07. Alessandro Nero – Gentrification Winter [Autonoma Industriale]
08. Alessandro Nero – Interlaced Body
09. Alessandro Nero & Eyes Gone – Wiesenweg Frost [Autonoma Industriale]
10. Alessandro Nero – Distress Genetics
11. J B I L O – Portal [SilentSøuls]
12. Alessandro Nero – Xberg To Fhain [Autonoma Industriale]
13. Hypnoskull & Motive Power – Rubber & Dust [47]
14. Kaylah – Fuck The Games [Green Fetish Records]
15. Kontain – Even The Mona Lisa Is Falling Apart [Instruments Of Discipline]
16. Rhys Fulber – Misery Whip (Tommy Four Seven Remix) [Sonic Groove Records]
17. Knarz – Kind Der Nacht [Monnom Black]
18. Rebekah – Shutter [Soma Records]
19. Roberto Clementi – Cesar’s Assassin [Soma Records]
20. Oliver Abbeloos – Torture (JoeFarr Remix) [Pls.Uk]
21. Tymon – Sledgehammer [Hard Electronic]
22. NN – Deception [47]
23. Volruptus – TOP 20 FACTS You Didn’t Know About ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS! [bbbbbb records]

Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the Berlin-based dj & producer Alessandro Nero / Trin1ty (Kindcrime Recordings).
Alessandro Nero, founder of Kindcrime since 2008, is a morbid take on industrial and EBM techno, besides being a Vietnam veteran in modular synthesis combat.
After more than 15 years of Djing and producing, he has released several vinyl albums and EPs on a multitude of legendary labels and played all around the world often bringing his full modular live rig.

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