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Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the Berlin-based dj & producer ANNA Z (WERK Records).
Born beyond the Arctic Circle ANNA Z´s first visual experiences emerged from an environment whose images were marked by the northern lights, the snow, the dark and dense forests and the animals within.
Very early she started taking several art curses, while she enjoyed an education that was specialized on mathematics and physics.
She gained a deeper insight into the world of sound, frequencies and music in the most intimate way by learning several instruments with a focus on guitar.
After her graphic design studies, during which she focused more on her artistic skills and learned to work with several programs from editing software to complex 3d modeling and programming, she worked as a designer and illustrator for several years.
Anna moved to Berlin in 2014 and started studying architecture at the University of Arts Berlin (Universität der Künste Berlin). She soon got into contact with the Berlin electronic music culture, especially with the modular synth scene and started designing and manufacturing some of her own musical gear. 2015 Anna Z started to work with the visual guidance of the WERK crew and their events.
She soon became a part of the now four headed operating crew and record label (with J.Manuel, Sasa Strauss and Balas).
Her art comes from the most different experiments, including, programming, hardware, drawing, photographies, oil and acrylic painting, all this with the music in mind.
Besides experimenting with the following programs: quartz composer, max, processing, grasshopper, adobe programs, ableton live.
She started making music on her own.
Working with Reaktor and Cycling 74, she is creating her own instruments.
Her graphics became the face of WERK and the project today and now it would be inconceivable without her work.
In July 2018 Anna had a first official music live experience with modular synth live jam together with J.Manuel at //: about blank. In August 2018 she formed together with the crew the new „WERK Fokus“ event row, which is an audio visual experience setting in an urban environment.

We are always looking for new talents.

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