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We are delighted to celebrate our 6th anniversary with the Spanish producer Architectural (R&S Records / Non Series).
Architectural’s original foundations were anonymous, recognising no need to reveal who was behind the alias.
But the same man who took DJ booths and festivals by storm as Reeko needed a new alter ego to channel his effervescent spells of creativity.
Diving deep into another realm, Architectural delivers powerful and intelligent sounds that amalgamate classic influences with his own modern vision of techno.
It is a route that has taken the Catalonian-based Asturian creator on a very different artistic path to the one initially mapped out.
Architectural laid the foundations with five solid releases between 2010 and 2014 on his own label Architectural Records (Architectural 001-005).
In 2012 Architectural released Peacetime with Semantica Records, an imprint revered for their highly critical A&R process and so the selection of Architectural proved he was on the right track; both at the hypothetical drawing table and with the first hard samples of his construction work.
Juan’s next step in 2013 certified Architectural’s maturity.
He published The Blue Album (Reeko & Architectural) with PoleGroup, a fusion of his two projects that resulted in a spatial and futuristic sound with jazz hues and feels of a movie soundtrack.
2014 brought The Secret Chapter, a release steeped in cinematic flavour and inspired by what may happen at night in a remote forest.
The mood was dark and boasted an outstanding fusion of jazz and techno.
In 2015 Architectural launched Amour with Dutch label Wolfskuil, courtesy of Darko Esser, a release of pure quality.
As a record it was far more dance floor focused than the preceding release, bringing luminosity, melody and life without ever departing from the intimate moods and obsession for precision that have become a hallmark of Architectural’s work.
As the project defined and matured, Juan finally revealed that himself as the force behind both Reeko and Architectural.
Does this mean he’s not entirely sure about what he wants to create?
Does he suffer from bipolarity?
Maybe, instead, he’s the kind of artist that during the Renaissance would have been called a total artist, a true creator, a maestro in the widest sense of the word.
Alongside his concrete releases, Architectural’s concept has also been delivered to iconic clubs and festivals worldwide.
Dancers and music lovers at Printworks London, MMA, BASSIANI, Tresor Berlin, Robert Johnson, Awakenings & L.E.V. Festival have all had the opportunity to absorb his next-level creativity and vision.
As the lines and framework of Architectural’s concept continue to rise and give form, the landscape of Juan’s techno vision becomes an ever more defined audio world in which to immerse the mind and soul.

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