1. Orphx – Veil of Dream (Original Mix) [Hospital Productions]
  2. Ron Morelli – Narco Frq. (Original Mix) [Hospital Productions]
  3. Vatican Shadow – Ziad Jarrah Studied Mathematics (Original Mix) [Hospital Productions]
  4. Space Afrika – Dred (Original Mix) [Sferic]
  5. Christoph de Babalon – Brillance (Original Mix) [Digital Hardcore Recordings]
  6. Rrose – End of Weather (Original Mix) [EAUX]
  7. Alberich – Untitled [Blowing Up The Workshop]
  8. S. English – Over The Railing (Original Mix) [L.I.E.S. Records]
  9. The Body Lovers – Part VII (Original Mix)
  10. Dedekind Cut – Untitled [Hospital Productions]
  11. Lussuria – Angelshare (Original Mix) [Hospital Productions]
  12. Sandwell District – Female (Live Extract) [Sandwell District]
  13. Bowery Electric – Postscript (Original Mix) [Beat]
  14. Death Squad – Parasitical Cerebral Decay (Exhaust)
  15. Prurient – God is the Truth, the Way and the Light (Original Mix) [Dais Records]

Becka Diamond is New York City / Berlin based DJ and label manager for Hospital Productions.
Mixes are recorded live and bring together the natural and raw coldness of two seemingly oppositional narratives of subliminal experimental and underground dance landscapes.
Her sets boast an eclectic mix of experimental electronic sounds across a multitude of genres.
Have a good listening.


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