063 – Bichord


01. Fabrizio Lapiana – Intraverso (Original Mix) [Attic Music]
02. Valentino Mora – Wavelite (Original Mix) [DEMENT3D]
03. Claudio PRC – Aleatorio (Original Mix) [Semantica Records]
04. Apart – Pointless (Original Mix) [Faut Section]
05. Drafted – Terraforma (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
06. Enkō – C-Value Paradox (Eyth Remix) [Reog]
07. Naak, TVA – Sofia (Original Mix) [AEON]
08. BLNDR – Shape Location (Original Mix) [Semantica Records]
09. Joachim Spieth – Absorptio (Original Mix) [AFFIN]
10. Oscar Mulero – Edges Of Mortality (Original Mix) [Semantica Records]
11. Edit Select – In The Beginning She Was (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
12. Cleric & Setaoc Mass – Exploration X (Original Mix) [C L E R G Y]
13. Bichord – Undisclosed Memory (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
14. Ellen Allien – Erdmond (Original Mix) [BPitch Control]

Bichord is a project created to give a recognizable identity to a long – running collaboration between Manuel Bozza (alias: Digital Project; D-Chill) and Federica Farinelli (alias: Katy Blue, F-Key); a symbiosis that is getting ever more intense with the increasing fusion of their musical influences grown in the context of their own productions.
A Bichord, as is well known, is a chord of two notes played at the same time: this image is what the artists identify as their concept, since they can create an harmonic and distinctive sound combining very different backgrounds and abilities.
The continuous research of new forms of expression and the incessant dedication to production were the keys of Bichord’s productions, characterized by the massive use of analog gear and alternation of ethereal atmospheres and acid sounds combined with structured rhythms.
Their productions are the result of a very personal interpretation and blend of Techno and Ambient music and it marks a stable project where the two artists have gained a unique language recognizable by the name of Bichord that will be not only associated to their productions but also to their upcoming live performance.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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