003 – Boris Barksdale


  1. Basses Terres & Fugal – Sonar System (Original Mix) [BFDM 006]
  2. Regis – Ital (Original Mix) [DN-R02]
  3. Oscar Mulero – Friday Thirteen (Original Mix) [WU009]
  4. Privay – Constant Transiet (Original Mix) [LTBLK006]
  5. Svengalisghost – Strategic Deception (Original Mix) [CCCP-015]
  6. Phase Fatale – Grain (Silent Servant Remix) [A+W II]
  7. Violet Poison – Radio Veronica 100.6 (Original Mix) [ISDR001]
  8. Terence Fixmer – Cerveaux Sand Âmes (Original Mix) [GIGOLO127]
  9. Ancient Methods Vs Adam X – Mital Regurgitation (Ancient Methods Remix) [SG1041]
  10. Basic Soul Unit – Soulspeak (Shed Remix) [DOLLY7]
  11. Surgeon – October Request (Original Mix) [CBX015]
  12. Shards – Untitled A2 (Original Mix) [SHARDS001]
  13. Makaton – Safety Word (Original Mix) [TOKEN13]
  14. Sleeparchive – A Man Dies In The Street Pt.2 A1_5 (Original Mix) [Tresor.264]
  15. Planetary Assault Systems – Rip The Cut (Original Mix) [OSTGUTLP10]
  16. ASSS – 101 (Original Mix) [DTLSND006]

His sound, devoted to the early and original underground techno culture, has been strongly influenced by the UK (London, Birmingham) and Serbian (Belgrade) scenes, whilst moving around the past decade.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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