064 – Chloé Lula


  1. Digital Poodle – Soul Crush (Zoviet France Virtual Mix) [Shadow Canada]
  2. Sacred Lodge – Un Sueno Rojo (Original Mix) [OKVLT]
  3. Hiro Kone – Scotch Yoke Pt. I & II (Original Mix) [Dais Records]
  4. Essaie pas – Complet Brouillé (Chloé Lula Re-Cut)
  5. UBX127 – Vectors (Chloé Lula Re-Cut)
  6. Asusu – Trephine (Original Mix) [Impasse]
  7. Morphology – Magnetospheric (Original Mix) [Zyntax Motorcity]
  8. Black Merlin – Resistance (Original Mix) [OMNIDISC]
  9. Dasha Rush – Black Swan (Original Mix) [Sonic Groove]
  10. Sigha – Down (Function Remix) [Token Records]
  11. Borusiade – Forewarned Is Forearmed (Original Mix) [Unterton]
  12. NOISE UNIT – Deceit (Original Mix) [Artoffact Records]

Chloe Lula is a San Francisco-born, Berlin-based artist on [aufnahme + wiedergabe].
A newcomer in the scene, she has been earning recognition for her eclectic music curation, which blends dark strains of electro, EBM and slow and sludgy wave and industrial.
She is also a monthly selector for the experimental and post-punk show, No Exit, on Cashmere Radio.


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