159 – DJ ESP


01. Ex_Machina – All That Junk [Wonderlust Group]
02. Tømmy Mørk – Sins [Wonderlust Records]
03. No Comment! – East Clare Massive [Wonderlust Records]
04. OHIN – Cycles [Wonderlust Records]
05. AEIT = Crush [Wonderlust Records]
06. Aahan – Divine Love [Wonderlust Records]
07. 753 – Sun Is Backing Humans [Wonderlust Records]
08. WZX_O – Dance to the End [Wonderlust Records]
09. VARR – Mind Flayer [Wonderlust Records]
10. Y-NØT – Syndikat [Wonderlust Records]
11. DJ ESP & AZURE – Coming Home
12. DJ ESP – Decision [Wonderlust Records]
13. DJ ESP – A Song for the Witches
14. DJ ESP – The Perfect Prescription

American elektro-shaman, Woody McBride, aka DJ ESP, rocks the world with his unique style of tribal techno, acid house, breakbeats, elektro, ambidelics, hardtek and authentic minimal techno.
He has performed at the world’s best festivals and clubs to include: Rex Club Paris, Tresor Berlin, Retro Acid, Fuse, Terriakianarkisaki, Nordic Impact, MAYDAY Dortmund, Electromind, Namasté, NATURE ONE, Further, Government Toronto, Orbit UK, Ministry of Sound UK, Liquid Room, Buzz DC, Ultraschaal, Acid Wars and other large and underground gatherings.
He has successfully operated 10 labels and worked with many of the world’s great record companies.
Woody has recorded many cinematic and commercial soundtracks, children’s programs, meditation audio, addiction prevention music and was honored to score a campaign song for Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader.

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