173 – DJ Surgeles


01. Jeff Mills – Untitled
02. Staffan Linzatti – A Sacred Code [Modularz]
03. Jeff Mills – Search For Sigmund Marx [Axis Records]
04. DJ Surgeles – Donkere Ruimte [Axis Records]
05. Unknown
06. Unknown – Horiz
07. Staffan Linzatti – A Rush Of Reason [Modularz]
08. DJ Surgeles – Star Gods [Axis Records]
09. Unknown – Liet 7
10. Staffan Linzatti – A Ripple In Time [Modularz]
11. Jeff Mills – Things To Know About Your Robot [Axis Records]
12. Staffan Linzatti – Deep Sleep Agents [Axis Records]
13. ? – Trapping A Wave
14. Jeff Mills – Tracer 1 [Axis Records]
15. Staffan Linzatti – Can You See It [Modularz]
16. Unknown – Dunia
17. NASA – Nasa Control Room
18. Jeff Mills – Many Many Worlds [Axis Records]
19. Jeff Mills – Untitled
20. Jeff Mills – Hallucinations [Axis Records]
21. Unknown
22. DJ Surgeles – Outer Alliance [Axis Records]
23. DJ Surgeles – Closer Than We Think [Axis Records]
24. Unknown
25. 30drop – Soroban [Axis Records]
26. Charlton – Chaotic Behaviour [MORD Records]
27. DVS1 – The Five Aggregates [Axis Records]
28. DVS1 – Solfage’s Framework [Axis Records]

Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the Dutch dj & producer DJ Surgeles (Axis Records).
Kole Leijen is a true musician with a lot of energy.
He started digging into his parent’s records collection at the age of five and at the young age of eight his sister introduced him to house music.
Soon after that, young Surgeles got his first set of turntables as a present for his birthday and started visiting regularly his local record dealer.
While after a couple of years he started producing his own dark, deep and swerving techno. In 2005, while attending a Jeff Mills’s show, Surgeles managed to give a demo CD to The Wizard.
The very next day Surgeles received a personal mail from Jeff Mills claiming that his music sounded great and that it inspired him to let Surgeles make a mix for his Purpose Maker Label.
Two weeks later Surgeles’ mix was on Jeffs Mills’ Axis Records’ website for the 10th anniversary of the all-time Techno anthem “The Bells”.
Later that year, during the Amsterdam Dance Event, Surgeles won a competition hosted by Dave Clarke for the best produced track and was than picked to play on Dave Clarke’s White Noise radio show on 3FM Radio. Around 2007 Kole started throwing his own parties called ‘Civilized?” at the legendary Escape club in Amsterdam.
While 2009 marked the beginning of his career as record-label boss, as he launched his brainchild: ‘Underground Freedom Fighters (UFF) Records’. !
Ever since, the collaborations with Jeff Mills kept on flowing and Surgeles’ consecration came when Jeff asked him to make a compilation for his label, ‘Something In The Sky’. !
In 2017 Jeff entrusted DJ Surgeles to take care of “the Betty Hill Case”, a 12” inspired by the story and the interviews of an American couple, who were allegedly abducted by extraterrestrials in a rural portion of New Hampshire in 1961.
Since then his work for Jeff Mills’ Axis-The Escape Velocity is continuing and lead into the album release “1883” in October 2022.
Today we are thrilled to host this epic set through his sound.

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