020 – Dj T.A.G.


  1. Jamie Curnuock – Fracture Then Collaps Ep [Onnset Records 005]
  2. Population One – Out of Control (Vocal Mix) [Trip Rec ]
  3. Unbalance [Unbalance Records 003]
  4. James Ruskin – The Future That Was [Blueprint Records 031]
  5. Black 006 / Promo
  6. XHEI – Ectomorfo [Illegal Alien Records 002]
  7. Selected – [Extrasolar Records 003]
  8. Marco Bailey – Lost Gravity (Shlomo Mix 1) [MBR LTD 014]
  9. Paradox – [Be As One Records 060]
  10. WrittenToZero Records 003
  11. Truncate – Model 2 (Slam Dub Mix) [Gynoid Records 015]
  12. A. – Remix Sampler [Illegal Alien Records 004]
  13. Rebekah – Confined Heart EP [Soma Records 444]
  14. Diego Amura – Peruna [Erturia Records 033]
  15. Dax J – Escape The System [ARTS Collective 011]
  16. Thomas Hessler – Index Rec [Marcel Fengler 008]
  17. Cleric – Restore [Cleric Records 001]

Born in 1980, in the small town of Havelberg in Sachsen-Anhalt / Germany. Defined by influences from the 80s New Wave sound and the dark synth-pop (Depeche Mode), he found his way quickly to electronic music. From 1997-1999 his sound took on the Detroit/Techno/Minimal style and thereafter the influence of Tresor Records’ artists such as Cristian Vogel and Neil Landstrumm helped him develop his current Brighton techno sound. Starting in 1999 he began to get regular bookings and also through his own parties Ton-Art he gained a name for himself regionally. After several years and successful gigs, in 2003 he played in Tresor New Faces night which gave him the incentive to try out for the Tresor Award. Ultimately he was selected among the top three by demonstrating his mixing and sound technique. Furthermore in 2004 he began to establish a multimedia platform for acquainted regional DJs under the name Basstard-Sound-Crew, which also found subsequent web presence. With this project there are regular events with the internal artists in and outside the region. In 2007 T.A.G. was made an official member of the Headquarters team and in 2005 a resident DJ in Tresor.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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