146 – Duellist


01. Tripped – Once Upon A Time [Madback]
02. Architektur – VHSX5 [Struktur]
03. Scalameriya – Imperial Visage [Genesa Records]
04. MDD – Apex Switch [PURE HATE]
05. Duellist – Unreleased
06. Manni Dee – You Puked In The Alley Where We Kissed [Perc Trax]
07. MDD – Hate Pusher (Mickey Nox Remix) [Pure Hate]
08. Duellist – Unreleased
09. Ogmah & Rorganic – Destroy Your Earpods [Normative]
10. Rebekah – You Be The Leader [HEX Recordings]
11. Balrog – I’m Lost [Green Fetish Records]
12. STRSC – Unreleased
13. Goden – Deathbell [OMEN Recordings]
14. P RISCO – Go Up In Smoke [SCTR]
15. Tripped – Wheel Of Foreskin [Madback]


When considering Edinburgh’s Duellist, the term heavyweight has never been more apt.
A man with a firm musical education across multiple genres, he makes energetic and industrial techno his home when producing, DJing and performing live.
These talents have firmly established him in the techno community, both as a contributor and a curator.
Taking his sound on the road, Duellist has performed all across Europe and made multiple excursions to Japan, evolving and firming up his sound along the way.
His productions have received the support of a host of influential DJs including Slam, Carl Cox and Rebekah, releasing as he has on labels such as: Decoy, Scuderia and PLS.uk.
Duellist keeps his sound coherent across his output, so expect thundering drums and extreme noise all wrapped up with a firm eye on the dance floor.


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