01. Klint – One [Diffuse Reality Records]
02. Albert Salvatierra – Close To Her Home [Skryptöm]
03. Klint – Scorpion [Unreleased]
04. Dave Wincent – KSTL1 [Signal Rec]
05. Casual Treatment – Partition Pt.2 [R]3volution]
06. BMSK – Mpeto (Dave Tarrida Remix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
07. No Intellectual Property – Gutural Morals [Diffuse Reality Records]
08. Ecilo – Past Escalate [Diffuse Reality Records]
09. Electric Rescue – Playing For Shadows (Lawrence Kurt Remix) [Virgo]
10. Maxime Dangles – Gigi (Remco Beekwilder Dub Remix) [Skryptöm]
11. Möd4rn – Mö 096 [Unreleased]
12. Dave Wincent – KSTL4 [Signal Rec]
13. Yuhøs – Voices from the Past. [Airsound Records]
14. Dave Wincent – KSTL5 [Signal Rec]
15. Moog Conspiracy & Theo Komp – Dark Side Of The Light [Elektrotribe]
16. Cristian Varela – Har5 [Materia]
17. Albert Salvatierra – Sandstorm In Mars [Skryptöm]
18. Tim Tama – Damage Per Second [EMERALD]
19. Möd4rn – Mö 099 [Unreleased]


In 2021, it’s 31 years of activism with passion.
Electric Rescue is considered one of the made-in-France masterpieces of the electronic music but also a worldwide renowned artist.
His hits are regularly played by electronic music masters like: Laurent Garnier , Len Faki , Ben Klock , MARCEL DETTMANN , Sven Väth , Slam or Luke Slater.
Electric Rescue has been forging a strong specificity in the electronic landscape by defending a techno neither conceding nor creating compromises, similar in this aspect to his friend Laurent Garnier.
His productions have been signed on labels like Cocoon , Affin, ARTS , F Communications , Sleaze Records , ….
Electric Rescue is also a famous name as live artist and DJ. Since more than two decades, he has been traveling the world preaching the techno good word with passion and modesty.
He had the opportunity to play in mythic clubs such as Berghain / Panorama Bar/ , Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) (Berlin), Weather Festival (France), The Edge (São Paulo), The Egg (Londres), Herr Zimmerman (Rotterdam), Air Club (Tokyo), Moog (Barcelone), Lantern (pekin), Dama de Fero (Rio de Janeiro), Bahrein Buenos Aires (buenos aires), Norte club (Cordoba), CLUB 69 (Edinbourgh), even in well referenced festivals Amsterdam Dance Event (Pays-Bas), 3rd Empire (Israël), Astropolis (France), Noisily (England), Piknic Electronik (Canada), Mapping Festival (Suisse), Nördik Impakt (France).
Electric Rescue is engaged in organizing special evenings in Paris, having thus a special Skryptöm residence in the Rex Club Paris, his many famous plays take place in very bizarre and secret Parisian sites.
He is always searching and valuing new emergent techno talents, so he has been the first to invite them to mix in Paris: Boys Noize , Dusty Kid , Gary Beck , Alan Fitzpatrick , Blue Hour, Cleric , or Paul Ritch.
Considered as a discrete but efficient techno activist, he has been insuffling in his entire work the Rave values which he has been adopting, defending them and making them self-references (exchanging, sharing, brotherhood, freedom, underground culture) rejecting so the blinding DJ business spot lights.


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