156 – Elisa Batti


01. Quelza – La Panthère Bleue [Immaterial.Archives unreleased]
02. Michel Lauriola & Fixeer – Enhance Action [Gynoid Audio]
03. Kr!z – Deflection [Token Records]
04. Falling Echoes – Static Function [Immaterial.Archives]
05. Dekeyden – Resistance [Molecular Recordings]
06. Temudo & Hitam – Sometimes I Do Not Agree With My Self [Immaterial.Archives]
07. Arkan – T rapped [Artaphine]
08. Yanamaste – Rifle [Artaphine]
09. Kian Gast – Arania [Autonome Records]
10. Arkan – Skalter [SK Eleven]
11. Kian Gast – Blyss [Autonome Records]
12. Troy – Chainsaw [K S R]
13. CRAVO – Give Shed [Collective Ethic]
14. Divide – Nemesi [Immaterial.Archives unreleased]
15. Falling Echoes – Swamp [Immaterial.Archives]
16. Brälle – A Work of Fiction [Immaterial.Archives]
17. Øblak – Sincope [Immaterial.Archives]
18. Lindsey Herbert – Hexoplanet [Immaterial.Archives unreleased]
19. Yan Cook – Order [Planet Rhythm]
20. Müzmin – Cascading Steps [Mord Records]
21. Klint – Timeline [Planet Rhythm]
22. Lewis Fautzi – Inwards [Mord Records]
23. Phara – Mission 3,2,1 [Soma Records]
24. Steve Parker – Trip to Saturn [Planet Rhythm]


Elisa Batti is a sound designer, producer and DJ based in Amsterdam.
Since 2007 she has been busy as a media developer and sound designer for art installations, theater and dance pieces. Her works have premiered worldwide: Elbphilarmonie Hamburg, Palais de Tokyo Paris, Taiwan National Theater, Opera de Marseille, just to name some.
In 2018 she founded Immaterial.Archives, a techno label that has involved many producers from the scene such as: Kaiser, Temudo, Nørbak, Takaaki Itoh, Conceptual, Hitam, 𝗞𝗜𝗞𝗘 𝗣𝗥𝗔𝗩𝗗𝗔, Kessel, Insolate… and many more.
Her music has been released on various labels such as: Artaphine, Diffuse Reality Records, Observant, West Rules, Eclectic Limited, Detroit Underground and many more
Elisa Batti’s DJ sets are just pure bred vibrant techno.


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