126 – End Train


01. XXX – XXX (End Train Remix) [Unreleased]
02. AsymetriK – Erratic [AsymetriK]
03. Paàl – XXX [Unreleased]
04. Hych – A Bird With No Tree [SOPTIK]
05. Michael Ius – Boulder [EINZ records]
06. Renwick – XXX [Unreleased]
07. End Train – XXX [Unreleased]
08. DLV – Raptor [Abstraction]
09. TOCSIN – XXX (feat. Samantha Togni) [Unreleased]
10. Burden – Guilt Creeps Hooded [Pls.Uk]
11. End Train – XXX [Unreleased]
12. Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini – L’Estasi dell Essere [HEX Recordings]
13. AnD – Morning Sesh [Perc Trax]
14. End Train – XXX (The Body Bu​siness Remix) [Unreleased]
15. Clipping. – Body & Blood [Sub Pop Records]
16. Ancient Methods & Tommy Four Seven – XIX [47]
17. Liza Aikin – Hospital Bed (Swarm Intelligence Remix) [OBSCUUR Records]
18. Fractions & Zanias – [Unreleased]
19. Manni Dee – Belligerence [System Revival Recordings]
20. Scalameriya – Havoc & Despair [47]
21. Sekulahr – Piece of Mind in Turmoil [Occult Rhythms]
22. Hatelove – [Unreleased]
23. D4N – Brain Damage (Miss Adk Remix) [Concepto Hipnotico]
24. EKORS – Applemash [47]
25. FALSE PRPHT – Delete My Internet Browser History [Explicit]
26. Militiā – Demand For Pleasure [SXCALA]
27. Penumbra – Atropine (Dean Gustavsson Remix) [Aerotek Recordings]
28. Gabber Eleganza – Never Sleep [Presto!?]


Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the London-based dj & producer End Train (Metempsychosis Records).
End Train is a Dj, producer and LIVE performer making music to inspire people to connect.
“There is something about abandoned factories that connects with people in a deep, tribal and guttural manner. Techno encapsulates the essence of this connection by letting cold machines create their own soul that in turn, connects to humans”.
His music brings together influences from breakcore, industrial and dance music, always resting on a techno low-end, melancholic atmospheres and energetic grooves.
End Train has been heavily involved in the free parties scene for years where he started by playing 250+ bpm hardcore industrial.
With time, an almost innate passion for techno built up and shaped the artist’s own style.
Together with Flaminia he founded Ways to Die records and Metempsychosis records in 2015 and 2017 respectively, to promote techno in various shapes from industrial to more experimental and broken and to spread a message that can inspire people to connect and create the lives they want.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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