Sounds From NoWhere & The SLAVE present Monolith Records

United by the passion for the clubbing scene, Sounds From NoWhere and The SLAVE collaborate to promote the finest beats selected from all over underground panorama by an advanced electronic research. Remembering that we are Slave of the music and it is NoWhere based.

The SLAVE & Sounds From NoWhere present :

Monolith Records Showcase
– Italian première –

▾ QU ER (Monolith Records)

▾ UNHUMAN (Monolith Records, Liber Null Berlin)

▾ SIRIO GRY J (Monolith Records, Liber Null Berlin)

Qu Er was born in Rome, since he was a child, he was obsessed by the musical research, entirely devoted to djing and to live performance, never a slave of musical trends, his sets are a mix that goes from techno to EBM and new beat sounds, passing through house and new wave. Being a slave of rhythm and of the dancefloor, his sets are journeys (often very long) of sounds and vibes. Since three years, he manages together with his friend and colleague Sirio Gry J, the Monolith Records, a Berlin adopted italian (Rome) label, that in the last few years, occupies the German capital dancefloors, in clubs such as Suicide Circus Berlin, Griessmuehle, Arena Club and About Blank.
He is the inventor of the Judy Garland – After Hour that takes place every sunday at Arena Club.

The project #Unhuman focuses on the themes of darkness and misanthropy. All human himself, Manos Simotas is a producer, DJ and promoter who endeavours to create a radical extreme sound utilising drones and rhythms entangled with the worst imaginable human nightmares. Unhuman was founded as a noise project in 2012 in Athens with the release of his first tape, entitled Emperor Black on Species Productions and then a split tape with To The Lovers Farewell on Red Venice Records. Delving deeper into radical noise, experimental and industrial music, a whole new world of possibilities opened up to him when he moved to Berlin in 2012. After founding the Lärm-Alarm-Lärm festival, he combined the idea of underground music and more experiential events going onto organise workshops which encompassed experimental & interactive audio/visual performances in a project space called Shift which led to his current project Liber Null Berlin hosted at Arena Club which unifies the freedom of arts in a conceptual event and which has grown rapidly since its inception in 2014.

Sirio Grimaldi aka Sirio Gry J borns in Rome in the late 80s. Early growing a strong passion for music, he discovers soon the world of deejaying, firstly inspired by the yet avant-gardist movement of the “Sound Of Rome” and digging a wide range of electronics. After discovering the London scene, he moved to Berlin and founded Monolith Records together with Qu Er, a label which looks ahead to the grim future of humankind delivering conceptual techno. Simultaneously, he joined as resident Deejay the eclectic event platform and newborn label Liber Null Berlin, combining different kind of arts shaped by darker esthetics. Aside from his own label’s regular contribution, he’s also producing tunes for Liber Null Berlin, Several Reasons , Mechanical Thoughts, Analogic Density and more to come.

Artwork by Natassja Lehmann

Location : Glauben Club , Strada Statale Romea 123, Chioggia / VE (Italy)


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