041 – Forest People


  1. Olēka – Bloody Trail Goes A Long Way [Subsist records]
  2. Forest People – Abyssal Plains (Original Mix) [Decoy Records (Official)]
  3. Olēka – Noyade (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
  4. Forest People – Obelisk (Original Mix) [Parabola Records]
  5. Olēka- Steady Hands (Original Mix) [Mindcut Music]
  6. Forest People – Everlasting God (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
  7. Olēka – Dost Dobra Traka (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
  8. Forest People – Mammon (Original Mix) [Labrynth]
  9. Olēka – Dismay (Original Mix) [Genesa Records]
  10. Forest People – Obscure A (Original Mix) [CREDO]
  11. Olēka – Thereoid (Original Mix) [Power Vacuum]
  12. Forest People – Bellum (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
  13. Olēka – Empty Hands (Original Mix) [Newrhythmic records]

Forest People is the alter ego of young deejay and producer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragan Lakic.
Born and raised in the small town of Prnjavor, Dragan first got in touch with electronic music trough a friend who gave him an album of Mauro Picotto.
His interest in Techno and Minimal music grew fast and he soon discovered the beautiful world of electronic music.
After some parties Dragan got to know the right people and started mixing records in 2004, and soon playing in few towns of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
It did not take long before Dragan started producing tunes and soon proving to be a natural talent, his Techno is starting to get recognition from deejays and producers from all around the world.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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