023 – Geistform


  1. Ilpo Väisänen – Osat 1 (Original Mix) [Kavitnu]
  2. Exoteric Continent – Accés (Original Mix) [Hospital]
  3. Shadow Lust – Galician Dream Sequence (Original Mix) [LIES]
  4. Korridor – Vacumm Decay (Original Mix) [Hypnus Records]
  5. SNTS – Roots (Original Mix) [SNTS]
  6. Power Relations – Glass Fist (Original Mix) [Acolour]
  7. Geistform – Semiconductor (Original Mix) [HANDS]
  8. Asolaar – La Gloria de Tlitlitzen (Original Mix) [Metaphysik]
  9. Pina – Passeig de Gracia (Original Mix) [Lapsus]
  10. Plaster – Terminal (Original Mix) [Kavitnu]
  11. Ancient Methods – A German Love (Original Mix) [Metaphysik]
  12. Go Hiyama – Recur (Original Mix) [Inkblots]
  13. Empyset – Seclusion (Original Mix) [Future Days]
  14. Informations – Negativa Connection (Original Mix) [DTLS SND]
  15. Function – Descending (Original Mix) [Infrastucture]
  16. Cassegrain – Intrude Restrain (Original Mix) [Prologue]
  17. Teste Therewipers – Stevevers (Original Mix)
  18. The 65d Mavericks – Estrangement of the Past (Surgeon Mix) [Surface]
  19. K209 – Duality (Original Mix) [Shared Objective]
  20. Kyoka – Shush (Original Mix) [Raster-Noton]
  21. Cervello Electtronico – Bad Ground (Original Mix) [HANDS]
  22. These Hidden Hands – Untitled (Original Mix) [Hidden Hundred]
  23. Pan Sonic – Atomin Paluu 7 (Original Mix) [Blastfirstpetite]
  24. Nikolalenko – Solo for A (Original Mix) [Graphical Surface]

Rafael Martinez Espinosa, known as Geistform, a Spanish Industrial/ Techno/Electro music producer and performer based in Rubí (Barcelona). Espinosa started his career in the early 2000’s and released 5 electrified albums on labels such as Germany’s Hands Productions, Belgium’s Daft Records and collaborations on different electronic music labels. Espinosa also collaborated with Dirk Ivens (Klinik,Dive,ABC) on the “Behind The Sun” album thus immediately gained a worldwide recognition and reputation amongst harsh and noisy rhythmical composition listeners. Geistform production is influenced by minimal techno and industrial sound. His powerful electronic beats, intense analog textures and distortions are generated mostly from analog sources, oscillators and strictly electronic tones. Geistform’s live shows are known to be locomotive and penetrating . His performances at notable shows such as Maschinenfest, Forms Of Hands and others across Europe mirrors his high technical skillfulness and pure conceptuality.


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