010 – Icon Template


  1. Uncto – Pain Outside (Original Mix) [Furanum Records]
  2. Icon Template – Fragments (Original Mix) [An Der Grenze]
  3. Uncto – It (Ancient Methods Remix) [Furanum Records]
  4. Tomohiko Sagae – Vacant Eyes (Original Mix) [Furanum Records]
  5. Black Rain – Data River (Original Mix) [Blackest Ever Black]
  6. Caustic Window – The Garden of Linmiri (Original Mix) [Rephlex]
  7. Coil – Ravenous (Original Mix) [Threshold Archives]
  8. British Murder Boys – Court of Conscience (Original Mix) [Counterbalance]
  9. British Murder Boys – Fist (Original Mix) [Downwards Records]
  10. Jeff Mills – Something In The Sky (Original Mix) [Axis Records]
  11. Exium & Gayle San – The Mob 2 (Original Mix) [Nheoma]
  12. Errorsmith – No Ice (Original Mix) [Errorsmith]
  13. Casual Violence – Burn It All Down (Original Mix) [Plector]
  14. Manni Dee – Sister Nobody (Original Mix) [Osiris]
  15. SHXCXCHCXSH – RSRRCTN (Original Mix) [Avian]
  16. Fokus Group – Nut Nut (Original Mix) [Pennyroyal]
  17. AnD – Photon Visibility Function (Original Mix) [Electric Deluxe]
  18. Regis – Barriers (Original Mix) [Downwards Records]
  19. Joey Beltram – Ball Park ( Rush Beat Remix) [Tresor]
  20. AFX – Analog Bubblebath Vol. 3 [Rephlex]
  21. Vladislav Delay – Visa (Original Mix) [Ripatti]
  22. AFX – Analog Bubblebath Vol. 3 [Rephlex]

Icon Template falls in ”Raw Industrialized Hypnotism”, and rise into endless ”Techno Rhythms”. It expresses a rebellion against order by instilling chaos and feed the conscious perceptions of its dark sides.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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