153 – Inigo Kennedy


01. Dead Memories – The Angels Are Talking [Subsist Records]
02. James Ruskin & DVS1 – Page 2 [Blueprint]
03. Anthony Tring – Time Is The Enemy [AWRY]
04. Deepak Sharma – Deep State [Hidden Recordings]
05. Ryan James Ford – Honey Hole (4th cut) [Clone Records]
06. Dustin Zahn – Smoking In Silence [Rekids]
07. Emmanuel – Culture [ARTS]
08. Ryogo Yamamori – Skin [Non-Series]
09. HISS – Inquisition [Enemy Records]
10. Joline Scheffler – White Stone [EarToGround Records]
11. Skjöld – Oberon [Edit Select]
12. Michel Lauriola – Natural Phase [Edit Select]
13. Makaton – Neglect (Inigo Kennedy Remix) [Rodz-Konez]
14. Stanislav Tolkachev – The Less You Know [Reclaim Your City]
15. Coefficient – Hyperspace [KR/LF Records]
16. Monobox – Wargames [M-Plant]
17. Inigo Kennedy – Pulse Train [Asymmetric]
18. Obseth & Oscar Rey – The Paradox Of Chaos [R]3volution]
19. Pfirter – Unilateral [MindTrip Records]
20. Inigo Kennedy – Untitled [Unreleased]
21. Regis & Female – Nothing And No One [Tresor Records]
22. The Ripped – Interestellar Drive [Utch Records]
23. Rove Ranger – Aegis [EarToGround Records]
24. Eleck – Blackout [ART21]
25. Zvrra – Society [Avian]
26. Inigo Kennedy – Stepping Stones [Asymmetric]
27. KUSS – Wires [Skryptom Records]
28. Aridan Torke – Dizzying Waterfalls [Cronopolis Records]
29. Dawn Razor – Up Stop [ARTS]
30. Planetary Assault Systems – One For The Groove [Token Records]
31. asstnt & Roll Dann – Old Crescent [MindTrip Records]
32. DEAS – Dystopian Future [Bau Muzik]
33. Stef Mendesidis – Sonica [Klockworks]
34. Stanislav Tolkachev & Albert Chiovenda – Profound Discourse [Collapse Records]
35. Inigo Kennedy – Untitled [Unreleased]

Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the British dj & procucer Inigo Kennedy (Asymmetric / Token Records).

Inigo Kennedy is a pioneering and respected techno and electronic music producer and DJ who is well known for the creativity, originality and technical skill he brings to his work.
Since releasing his first track 25 years ago, owner of innovative and genre-defying label Asymmetric, Kennedy consistently pushes the boundaries of the electronic music realm.
Responsible for a large and diverse back catalogue of releases on a wide variety of highly respected labels and projects around the world, Kennedy’s discography stretches well into triple figures on vinyl, CD, digital and cassette, whilst his DJ schedule has taken him to every corner of the globe.
Born in North London in 1972, Kennedy’s fascination for all things electronic, computerised or robotic began at a very early age.
His teen musical influences included artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Howard Jones and the Human League, shoegaze, synth pop and indie being his first loves.
During the late 80s Inigo’s taste headed toward the first wave of hip hop as it developed into a more experimental and electronic format; next came the energy of acid house and break­beat hardcore which was a natural progression and firmly planted the seeds of what was to later become an undying passion for techno.
In 1996, Kennedy dropped his inaugural production, ‘The Bond EP’, following this, Kennedy was swiftly signed to Karl (Regis) O’Connor’s ZET and UMEK’s Expire, he also released a string of EP’s and LP’s on seminal label Missile.
At this point Kennedy’s reputation had steadily grown across Central and Eastern Europe, by 1997 Kennedy had created several pseudonyms to support the extensive number of projects he was working on, from the harsh industrial sounds of Tomito Satori on Exhibit and Helki Törsnum on Sheer to his increasingly experimental loop-based output as Reducer on Instillation.
In January 1999, Asymmetric was born. Inigo created the label specifically to output his own material and the imprint became the home to his most personal creations.
Kennedy’s agenda was to challenge and introduce new ideas whilst maintaining a distinctive and coherent techno foundation.
In 2004 Kennedy embraced electronic music’s digital revolution and Asymmetric halted the pressing of vinyl.
Despite the digital transformation the sound of Asymmetric continued to grow and diversify, Kennedy’s productions evolving into directions that covered a far wider breadth of electronic and experimental sounds, his catalogue of steadfast releases maintaining critical and dance floor acclaim worldwide.
The natural progression of Asymmetric and Kennedy’s ever-growing presence saw the birth of projects with Spanish label Semantica Records, Berlin’s Stroboscopic Artefacts, London-based Rednetic and Stockholm-based Electronic Desert. Early 2007 marked Kennedy’s first release for Token Records with ‘Identify Yourself’ the inception of a hefty techno alliance stretching more than a decade and dozens of tracks and releases including the 2014 release of the heavy hitting ‘Arcing’ and 2017’s ‘Voyager’ which featured on Sven Väth’s ‘The Sound Of the 18th Season’ mix.

Fast forward to today and Kennedy’s releases continue to possess his distinct, incomparable aesthetic; tough yet intricate, hypnotic yet tenacious, forever melodic and emotive. In every production the Kennedy individuality remains scintillating.
Recent releases have included the highly acclaimed ‘Trajectory’ EP on Token, the melancholic sounds of the ‘Arcadian Falls’ solo EP on Belgian label VOLTAGE, the diverse and raw ‘Strata’ album on Token and of course Kennedy’s latest 2021 Modularz collaboration on Jeff Mills’ illustrious Axis Records.
2021 will mark the rebirth of Asymmetric after a decade spent on other avenues of creativity.
The summer of 2021 brings a string of outstanding releases to the label following a year of intense studio time, the techno pioneer currently sitting on a vault of highly anticipated new material ready to showcase with electronic music lovers and his loyal aficionados.
With such forceful presence over the last two decades, this inimitable powerhouse of underground musical creativity and innovation looks set to forge further forwards, his sound as ever a beacon to those seeking authenticity and true electronic mastery.

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