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Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the Spanish dj & producer Irazu (Semantica Records).
Born in Madrid, living somewhere in Europe, Irazu’s connec- tion with electronic music is just a symbol of sonic expres- sionism of self discovery to try to know what he is.
Starting his contribution to music as a promoter of parties in Madrid, making music and release records was a neces- sary way to express emotions that he felt a few years later.
His first records came out in the last two years in Kastil’s label ‘’Stale’’, working with artists like Acronym, Regis, Pes- simist and Kastil, two new records are also coming out in different Labels in 2018.
‘’Study for portrait’’ was released a few weeks ago with a remix by Pessimist.
After a few more releases in Platforms like Hooded or Ar- tificial intelligence and some remixes, Irazu his last record called ‘’140.15 EP’’ on Kastil’s label Stale.
His influences comes specially from UK west Midlands, Hol- land, Italy and Spain, figures like Regis, Svreca, Autechre, Oscar Mulero, Donato Dozzy, Luke Slater or Surgeon are a way to define what he believes in a sonic way.
He defines his work as ‘’An intimate space between ten- sion and false tranquility’’.

We are always looking for new talents.

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