022 – Israel Vines


  1. Oneohtrix Point Never – Eyeballs (Original Mix)
  2. Pacou – Cryo (Original Mix)
  3. Convextion – Ancient Light (Original Mix)
  4. ADJ – Cycles (LPZ Remix)
  5. Jessy Lanza – Fuck Diamond (Bambounou Remix)
  6. Iori – Axis (Original Mix)
  7. Elektrabel – Ampient 16 (Original Mix)
  8. A Made Up Sound – I Repeat (Original Mix)
  9. DJML – DR 660 Siendro (Original Mix)
  10. Szare – Belt of Rule (Original Mix)
  11. DJML – DDD 2 (Original Mix)
  12. CO/R – Gudrun (Original Mix)
  13. Conrad Van Ortonn & VSK – Angular Momentum (Original Mix)
  14. Conforce – Kill The Drift (Original Mix)
  15. Abdulla Rashim – Of Water And The Spirit (Original Mix)
  16. Attentat – Reflective Surface (Israel Vines Remix)
  17. Surgeon – Search (Original Mix)
  18. VVV – Sick Sick USA (Original Mix)
  19. Detboi – All I Need (Original Mix)
  20. Boxcutter – Rikta (Original Mix)
  21. Israel Vines – WWKD (Original Mix)
  22. Chaos – Afrogermanic (Original Mix)
  23. Israel Vines – Gatekeepers (Vox Version)
  24. Elektrabel – Kliky (Original Mix)
  25. Perm – Untitled (Original Mix)
  26. Charles Manier – Uncompromised Awareness (Original Mix)
  27. DJ Spider – Dirt Nap (Original Mix)
  28. Yuki Sakai – Yan Ma (Original Mix)
  29. G23 – Mountain’s Acid (Original Mix)
  30. Blind Observatory – Forsaken (Original Mix)
  31. Leiras – Vestiges (Original Mix)
  32. Morenceli – Caligola Statue (Dorian Gray Remix)
  33. KGIV – Mockingbird (Original Mix)
  34. KGIV – Mockingbird (Jeff Pietro Remix)
  35. Dave Clarke – Wisdom To The Wise (Robert Hood Remix)
  36. Rødhåd – Kinder Der Ringwelt (Original Mix)
  37. S.A.F. – The Three (Israel Vines Remix)

For over two decades, Israel Vines has challenged and embraced listeners by recontextualizing sounds from a wide range of genres and eras. A product of the 90’s rave scene in the US midwest, Vines’ early interest in industrial and left-leaning electronic music readily merged with his exposure to Chicago house and Detroit techno, and that mix of influences is felt in his DJ sets and productions. Despite years of dedication to DJing, Vines remained relatively unknown until he launched his now-retired label, Borrowed Language, in 2010. Through his collaborations with Jeff Pietro, he honed his sound prior to releasing his own solo material on respected labels such as Cult Figures and Semantica, while stepping into the world of remixing for the likes of Erika, Makaton, and Stave. Now he has found a more permanent home on the Eye Teeth imprint—an offshoot of Detroit’s long-running Interdimensional Transmissions label, where he released the well-received (and regularly caned) WWKD EP. Vines has also released collaborative material with Chicago’s Kit Geary under the KGIV guise on Horizontal Ground, with another EP forthcoming on Eye Teeth. Israel currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


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