096 – Killawatt


01. Pinch – Fortune Tellers [Berceuse Heroique]
02. Headless Horseman – Deceptive Dreamer [Nicz Records]
03. Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa – Nepotism [The Stone Tapes]
04. Forest Of Fire – Ankh
05. AQXDM – Infrared [Houndstooth]
06. End Train – Waters (VSK Remix) [Metempsychosis Records]
07. Motive Power – The Hunt
08. Kontain – Frame 6 [Dissonance Theory]
09. Swarm Intelligence – Bury [NEW YORK TRAX]
10. Killawatt – Retina’s Ruptured [Leyla Records]
11. Mystical – Ho Chi Min City
12. I Murdered – Blood In Blood Out [Reclaim Your City]
13. Draag – Core [HAVEN]
14. Denise Rabe – Manifesto [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
15. Shlømo – Brother (Reeko Remix) [Taapion Records]
16. JoeFarr – Falling Past [Eternal Damnation]
17. Motive Power – Null Root
18. Cocktail Party Effect – Shattered Retina [Tectonic Recordings]
19. Dez Williams – Swollen [Bedouin Records]

Occupying the disparate ‘no-man’s land’ between murky, atmospheric techno and experimental bass-laden electronica, 47 and Osiris Music uk protagonist Killawatt provides a no-nonsense and increasingly forensic attitude towards exploratory production.
Drums appear constrained from conventional rhythm, a signature dynamism demonstrated through recent material including his debut LP ‘Émigré’ and his more recent EP’s for Tommy Four Seven’s Berlin-based 47 label.
Killawatt’s DJ sets in some of the worlds most revered club spaces, such as fabriclondon, CONCRETE, Kompass and KHIDI, provide immersion through layered carpets of noise, a soup of mewling feedback and an ability to prevent the most discerning of listener from getting too comfortable.

The transition from dank half step to a kinetic techno mutation compatible with everyone from Shackleton to Surgeon is now complete.
Recent abstractions like ‘Meiotic Drive’, ‘Poppin’ Veins’ and ‘Glacia Systemic’, coalesce a mongrel helix of industrial techno, hypnotic ambient constructions and driving tribalism unique only to himself.
With new music and projects on the horizon, the future looks increasingly bright for this purveyor of the dark and obscure.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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