001 – Lag


  1. Makaton – Teamcolours (Original Mix) [Rodz-Konez]
  2. Dreg – Up That Hill (Original Mix) [100% Pure]
  3. Dead Sound & Videohead – Hear And Now (Original Mix) [Perc Trax]
  4. Loktibrada – Nuza (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
  5. Magnus – Act Two (Truncate Remix) [Magnus]
  6. Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton – Hanoi Hanoi (Original Mix) [Tresor]
  7. Habits Of Hate – Limelight Roles (Tsvi Edit) [Electronic Explorations]
  8. Go Hiyama – Domino (Original Mix) [Zwart]
  9. Lag – Nemir (Original Mix) [THEM]
  10. Petter B – Tool 01 (Original Mix) [BOND]
  11. Deapmash – Yeah (Original Mix) [Promo]
  12. Endlec – Atitlo (Original Mix) [Mord Records]
  13. Regis – Rites (Original Mix) [Downwards]
  14. Rumenige – Tanierik (Original Mix) [Numb]
  15. Ø [Phase] – Obscura Mix 1 (Enhanced Version) [Token]
  16. Regal – Monomyth (Original Mix) [Figure]
  17. Forward Strategy Group – Code #3 (Original Mix) [Perc Trax]
  18. Imugem Orihasam – Implication In Free (Martyn Hare Remix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
  19. Lag – Varijacije (Original Mix) [Mord Records]
  20. Petter B – Global Edit (Original Mix) [Modularz]
  21. Ø [Phase] – Nonphysical (Original Mix) [Inceptive]
  22. Kastil – Collapse (Original Mix) [M2222]
  23. Robert Hood – Resurrection (Original Mix) [M-Plant]
  24. Richie Hawtin – No Way Back (Original Mix) [Plus 8 Records]

Serbian-born Lag is the on the forefront of the new wave of techno artists. He grew up on punk, acquired a classical education in music and then quit it all to find himself enchanted by the possibilities of expressing oneself both through DJing and making electronic music. He chose techno to be the host for his creative discharge, while always incorporating a certain dosage of his previous musical life to his current work. Grit, rhythm and attitude are his main tools as he blends them into his music, creating a potent combination which enchants, moves and unifies.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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