123 – Last days of S.E.X.


01. Pissed Jeans – Chain worker [Sub Pop]
02. Dissemblance – Origine D’un Syndrome [Phormix]
03. Nullvektor – Schleifmόhle [HANDS]
04. MDD – Another Runaway [HANDS]
05. VSK – Multiverse [47]
06. Endlec – I Am Paranoid [Eternal Damnation]
07. Tomohiko Sagae – Black Mist [HANDS]
08. Hypnoskull – A Force Of Reason [Ant Zen]
09. Tommy Four Seven – The Virus (Ansome Remix) [47]
10. Makornik – Faint Glimpse Of Sunrise On The Horizon [Black Carpet Records]
11. Synapscape – Turn Out [Ant Zen]
12. TV.OUT – A1 [BANK Records NYC]
13. UMWELT – Density#3 [Modal Analysis]
14. Locked Club – Russian Banya [PRIVATE PERSONS]
15. Distortion Six – Odin [Ant Zen]
16. Ms Gentur – More Human [HANDS]
17. Sonar – Shes a Stone Killer [Daft]
18. Keiji Haino & Masami Akita – That Place From Which You Fell Was Lined With A Cushion Of Pain And Is No Proof Of Your Continuing Existence… [Les Disques Victo]

Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the Greek dj & producer Last days of sex (HANDS).
Last Days Of S.E.X. is a Technoise/Rhythmic Noise project by Manos Chrisovergis. He has released three albums on the German industrial label Hands Productions. He also has performed at festivals such as: Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Maschinenfest, FORMS OF HANDS, Schlagstrom and all over Europe.


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