137 – Lokier


01. Lukas Firtzer – Retaliation [Maison Close]
02. Omon Breaker – Masters of our Fate
03. Cynthia Spiering – A Nightmare [Courtoisy Records]
04. Danilo Incorvaia – Seventeen [RAW]
05. SWART – Stabs and Screams [VAGUE]
06. Disruption – Don’t U Know
07. Somniac One – Smoke Eater [RAW]
08. re:akt – Determine Your Reality [01010100 Records]
09. I Hate Models – Lazy In Hell [Disco Inferno]
10. Lukas Meunier – Sehnsucht (DLV Remix)
11. Mphazised – Machine Elves [Agathism Records]


An emerging talent of prominence hailing from Mexico, Lokier, as a DJ & producer is cutting a stream into the estuaries of techno, industrial, EBM and electro afixed with new wave, and its denounced varieties.
While running the gamut of Berlin’s underground, from off-location raves to Berghain / Panorama Bar and Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL), her breech into the European circuit, although clandestine, has seen Lokier gain familiarity, further expounded through spots on Rinse FM and Red Light Radio.
Lokier’s diversity in style throws down an array of dramatic soundtrack moves for the dancefloor, banging beats, weirdo synth, and power electronics.
Having sets marked down in Robert Johnson, New York’s Good Room, Amsterdam’s Reaktor parties, Rex in Paris, and Berghain’s Säule.
Lokier has also been in several parts of the world including North America, Europe, Asia, and soon South America.
With a production front now hitting its stride following a debut record for Rotterdam’s Pinkman, her early associations came through Squirrels On Film and Boyz Noise Rec.
Presenting a high voltage kinetic between heavier body music and the dark intergalactic romance of electro, her tracks over the years have made their way to the edit pits of Mick Wills, Solar’s giallo horror platform Squirrels on Film, to [aufnahme + wiedergabe] and Sacred Bones with a remix of The Soft Moon.
Amid the regalia of gothic, and post-industrial music, Lokier’s plunge into the deeper esoterics of this sound only adds a fresh and inspired ethos to her work, aesthetic and vision.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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