143 – Martyn Hare


01. The Noise Floor – TNF010101 [Hard Electronic]
02. Martyn Hare – Shrapnel [Tripalium Rave Series]
03. Martyn Hare – Mark your Territory [Elements]
04. Barbers Green – Bone (The Noise Floor Remix) [Random Modulation]
05. Martyn Hare – Distotek (BamBam Remix) [Emetic]
06. Ian Void – The Rascal (Chris McCormack Remix) [Geushky]
07. Rival – Lock Off the Rave (Martyn Hare Remix) [white label]
08. Myler – Peeling Oranges with your Face (Ansome Remix) [Emetic]
09. Martyn Hare – Manifest [Tremors]
10. The Noise Floor – TNF010102 [Local Sound Network]
11. Atari Teenage Riot – Activate (Atari Teenage Riot Remix) [Digital Hardcore]
12. Martyn Hare – Lose You, Lose Myself [Diffuse Reality]
13. MONYA – Apolitical Policy (Martyn Hare Remix) [Emetic]
14. Martyn Hare – This is not a Test [Tripalium Rave Series]
15. Truss – Brockweir [Perc Trax]
16. The Noise Floor – TNF010105 [Hydraulix]
17. Martyn Hare – Vivisection [Potential]
18. Kracht – Schijn (Martyn Hare Remix) [Krachtvoer]


The man behind Emetic Records and purveyor of industrial, acidic techno since 2001.
It is often the case that less-than-mainstream names that make some of the greatest contributions are left aside in favour of the more widely-celebrated ones.
Martyn Hare is a producer and DJ whose career spans a dark but important time for UK techno, the early 2000s, when the initial wave of innovation had begun to taper off and focus had shifted elsewhere.
Even at its height in the late ‘90s, techno had always been something found around the edges of the more popular mutations of hardcore that took centre stage in UK, but this didn’t stop Hare forging his own path.
Originally releasing on labels like Tronic, Recycled Loops and Potential, Hare forged quick success and just as quickly moved on to found Emetic and Tremors, where his sound truly found its voice.
After continues success working with the best techno labels in the business, such as Perc Trax, Earwiggle and Power Vacuum, and with the widespread re-evaluation of UK techno happening for the last few years, Martyn Hare released his fifth studio album, ‘Some people never learn’ after more than 60 singles on vinyl through his career.
Hare counts John Peel, Aphex Twin and Laurent Garnier as long-time fans, and with many of techno’s top contemporary names supporting his both his older tracks and new music, the veteran’s future is again looking bright.
As before, diversity continues to be a key point in Hare’s sound, with industrial and techno as centre points, but also taking in hardcore rave, breakbeats, and the textured sound of modern electronic music.
After years operating without hype and without compromise, Martyn Hare continues to be in distinguished company, a seasoned figure amidst a raft of newer names whose experience and dedication to the cause speaks for itself.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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