016 – MONYA


  1. Dinelka – Freeze Start (Original Mix) [Micromod Start]
  2. Subjected – Under The Unknown Age (Original Mix) [THE29NOV 001]
  3. Blasted – Drop It (Unhuman Remix) [Monolith Records]
  4. Ancient Methods – HANDS V071 [Hands Productions]
  5. Storb – Hardbrak (Original Mix) [Emetic]
  6. Unconcious – Funfzig (Original Mix) [Ways To Die Records]
  7. SARIN – Threshold (Original Mix) [Aufnahme + Widergabe]
  8. Templer – One More Step in to the Chaos (Original Mix) [Corrisponding Positions]
  9. Ancient Methods – German Love (Original Mix) [Metaphysik]
  10. KONKURS – Body Harder (Original Mix) [VV03]
  11. Paul Birken – Swellbow (Original Mix) [THE29NOV 001]
  12. Max Durante – Aggressive Behavior (Original Mix) [THE29NOV 001]
  13. Acidulare – Connection (Original Mix) [SOLID 003]

Monya is originally from Poland and has been signed to respected techno labels with her production. She has seen a quick rise through the techno scene in such a short time and this has seen her play beside many respected techno artists. Through hard work and determination this hasearned her bookings at the Internationally renowned Tresor and many other clubs from Berlin over Madrid to Philadelphia and New York City. She released her first album for BCR in 2013 and work with many well known artists like Rebekah, Steve Stoll, Bas Mooy, Perc, Mike Parker, Jeroen Search. Monya’s sound is industrial, bass-heavy, hypnotic techno.She is Owner of Corresponding Positions Label in Berlin.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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