155 – MSDMNR


01. Stefan Vincent – Lingua Franca [Non Series]
02. Peryl – Neural Gesture [Semantica Records]
03. TESST – Unreleased
04. MSDMNR – Jupiter Surface 2 [K S R]
05. Eric Fetcher – Skin Radiation [ATT Series]
06. Ocktawian – Controllers [Collapse]
07. TESST – Passenger [MSDMNR]
08. MSDMNR – Adventure 1
09. Alexander Johansson, Mattias Fridell – Sinnesorgan II [ANAØH]
10. MSDMNR – Aliens Are Relevant [Illegal Alien Records]
11. Zachari Lubin – Biosphere Dome [Axis Records]
12. Ocktawian – Ottaviano [Collapse]
13. MSDMNR – Saturn Crisis [Illegal Alien Records]
14. CVRDWELL – Ate (Temudo Remix) [Vault Imprint]
15. Modern Doom – Futureworld [MSDMNR]
16. Surgeon – Patience (Part 5) [Dynamic Tension Records]
17. MSDMNR – Radar Heat [MSDMNR]
18. MSDMNR – Adventure 4
19. MSDMNR – Unfolding World [K S R]
20. ORBE – Nepo [Orbe Records]
21. Oliver Rosemann – Sinkhole [Illegal Alien Records]
22. Kaiser – Floating In The Abyss [K S R]
23. Steve Bicknell – Chapter Of Self [Chronicle Records]
24. MSDMNR – Slow Descent [MSDMNR]
25. Casual Treatment – The Central Blackhole [Axis Records]

Having cut his teeth in the tougher fringes of the electronic game’s spectrum under a flurry of aliases, Miro Pajic went on to write new material in the guise of MSDMNR in more recent years, releasing a handful of satisfyingly sturdy but hyper dynamic releases via his eponymous imprint, eventually taking his inimitable jagged and reverb-soaked signature to 30D Records in 2020 with the streamlined ‘Emergency’ EP.
Running the gamut from thick, punishing 4/4 thump to dubbed-out post- industrial atmospheres, via rogue outbursts of thrashing drums and squelchy electronics, Miro’s music dwells the grey zone between ruff and gritty rave material and further deep-diving excursions.
If he’s taken his place amongst the most dextrous groove manipulators out there, no doubt the reason lies in Miro’s inimitable flair for crafting pieces and moments as effortlessly immersive as they remain proof against time-erodible trends and ephemeral tendencies.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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