024 – MTD


  1. Leiras – Abyssal (James Ruskin Remix) [FRACTURE]
  2. MTD – Cold Entrance (Sub Version) [Methodical]
  3. Antigone & Francois X – Love Trade (Original Mix) [DEMENTED]
  4. Ancestor – In Perpetuum (Original Mix) [Animal Farm]
  5. Nik Feral – Bad Bhaviour (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
  6. ARKVS – Force (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
  7. Kølpøs – SA500 (Original Mix) [Natchstrom Schallplatten]
  8. Aleja Sanchez – Ether (Headless Horseman Remix) [Natchstrom Schallplatten]
  9. MTD & Tracy – B2 (Original Mix) [Asymmmetrical Code]
  10. PureData – Dicotomia (Original Mix) [Sonntag Morgen]
  11. Two Sided Agency – Ghostly Transmission (Original Mix) [Two Sided Agency]
  12. Gonzalo MD – Duality (Original Mix) [Ressort Imprint]
  13. Eric Fetcher – PL_B (Original Mix) [SPeaks silence]
  14. Subjected – thtswhhtwnt (Original Mix) [ARTS]
  15. Empyrean – Lucem Ferens (Original Mix) [PLS.UK]
  16. D-Leria – The Day Before (Original Mix) [DLBM]
  17. Inigo Kennedy – The Edge Of The World (Original Mix) [Asymmetric]

Nicola Belligoli aka MTD was born in Mantua in 1986, after several years of interest in electronic music, particularly in techno, and after experiencing the production world, he decides to open his own label together with its historic partner Tracy. Hypnotic and rough sounds influenced by dub and experimental moods, he never stop to research and experiment new sounds or new technic. This will eventually lead him to collaborate with many Italian and international labels. Today in his discography we can find a large variety of works supported by numerous artists of the international music scene.


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