079 – N01R


01. Dez Williams – FKDZ (Original Mix) [RIOT Radio Records]
02. Ontal – Function (Geistform Remix) [HANDS]
03. HKKPTR – Zorn (Original Mix) [X-IMG]
04. Unconscious – I Am Your Servant (Original Mix) [X-IMG]
05. Schwefelgelb – Fokus (SARIN Remix) [K009] [X-IMG]
06. 14anger – Eating Alpha Waves (Original Mix) [Tripalium Corp]
07. Dave Clarke feat. Mark Lanegan – Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears) (Terence Fixmer Remix) [Skint Records]
08. Crystal Geometry – Black Magic (Original Mix) [AREA Z]
09. Ontal – Pareidolia (Original Mix) [HANDS]
10. Dez Williams – FKDZ (Original Mix) [RIOT Radio Records]
11. Kwartz – Distorted Reality (VSK Remix – Part 2) [Eternal Damnation]


N01R, the Spanish-born, Berlin based Producer / DJ who has established herself around a unique dark palette of Experimental, Noise, EBM and Industrial Techno sounds.
With a nod to the seminal Spanish industrial artists preceding her, N01R’s keeping the tradition with a sound that can be relentlessly abrasive and untamed in attitude with intense, hypnotic and alluring grooves entrancing her audience .

Since 2005, N01R has been constantly pushing herself, working toward an abundance of releases on labels such as; MachineKunt, Audiotrauma, Cold Beats Records, Unknown Pleasures, aufnahme + wiedergabe, and Nøvak, collaborating with artists such as /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/, Katran, Ontal and Delusions & Ballistic.
Her new release is coming out with Unconscious on Kloster Records and a very special collaboration with Delusions will also see the light in these coming months.

Last year N01R has been playing in some of the most well established parties and clubs in Berlin such as Arena Club for Arbeit bei Ton, Strictly Forbiden, Gegen in Kit Kat Club, in Urban Spree for Instruments of Discipline and [aufnahme + wiedergabe].

As the owner of Pulsate Radio Berlin and the music label Impartial Waves she and her partner are actively contributing to the diverse techno culture by creating a platform for new and interesting artists with a focus on showcasing Industrial Techno, EBM and experimental noise so keep an open ear for whats to come next!


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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