025 – NX1


  1. Below Surface – Prior (Original Mix) [Be Sure]
  2. Traversable Wormhole – Spacetime Symmetries (Original Mix) [Sonic Groove]
  3. Ancient Methods – AM-2 (Original Mix) [Ancient Methods]
  4. ANFS – MASS#2 (Original Mix) [Modal Analysis]
  5. Adam X – Antagonistic (Original Mix) [Sonic Groove]
  6. Orphx – Sever the Signal (Original Mix) [Sonic Groove]
  7. Joyless – Swedish Sisters (UVB Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
  8. ONTHEGROUND – As Above, So Below (Original Mix) [Nicz Records]
  9. Domenico Crisci – Thinking Of You (Original Mix) [Semantica]
  10. Tenebra_Aeterna – WASP-12b (Original Mix) [Advanced (Black)]
  11. Helvellyn – The Descent (Talker Remix) [Primal Instinct]
  12. Legna – Full of Mayhem (Original Mix) [Tetrao Records]
  13. Ancient Methods – Knights & Bishops (Original Mix) [Ancient Methods]
  14. Time Traveler – Chronicles from 1957 (Original Mix) [Chronicles Diary]
  15. I HATE MODELS – Don’t Be Afraid Of The Light (ABSL Remix) [TWB]
  16. Endlec – Consistency & Patience (Original Mix) [Mord Records]
  17. WarinD – Liedi (RE_P Remix) [Asteroid Records]
  18. Neil Landstrumm – Missing You (Ansome Remix) [Mord Records]
  19. Blush Response – Machine God (Original Mix) [Sonic Groove]
  20. Ghost in the Machine – Dream Grill (Original Mix) [Genosha Basic]
  21. Ontal – PI02.3 (Original Mix) [Pi Electronics]
  22. Avørste – The Veiled Virgin (Original Mix) [Subsist Records]

NX1 came in with strength into the international techno scene with the release of their first record on their label in late 2011.From this point on, following the “Do It Yourself” philosophy, they have continued to produce a wide range of material from which many big personalities in the scene have been feeding. Thanks to this the spotlights have been slowly moving towards their releases and productions. Their live sessions display a wide variety of styles in techno. Heavy and humid atmospheres that permeate the dance floor, breaks and fat basses that investigate the deeper and more intellectual part of the genre. Fusing classic sounds with new evolved ones and with touches of IDM and electronic music from the 90’s.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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