062 – Olēka


01. Olēka – Infandous (Original Mix) [Promena]
02. Olēka – Ensorcell (Original Mix) [Mindcut Music]
03. Olēka – Bloody Trail Goes A Long Way (Original Mix) [Subsist records]
04. Olēka – Dismay (Original Mix) [Genesa Records]
05. Olēka – Snow On A Dead Face (Original Mix) [Variance]
06. Olēka – Black Camel Kneeled (Original Mix) [Green Fetish Records]
07. Olēka – Thereoid (Original Mix) [Power Vacuum]
08. Olēka – Obliteration (Original Mix) [Konstruktiv]
09. Olēka – Summers OF The Black Sunlight (Original Mix) [Unsigned]
10. Olēka – Empty Hands (Original Mix) [Newrhythmic Records]
11. Olēka – Fresh Meat (Original Mix) [Genesa Records]
12. Olēka – Nympholepsy (Original Mix) [Mindcut Music]
13. Olēka – Fields Of Tears (Original Mix) [Promena]
14. Olēka – Welter (Original Mix) [Unsigned]

Olēka is the new alter ego of the already well-known Bosnia & Hercegovina-based dj & producer Forest People.
In a very short time, Olēka has affirmed himself as a new powerhouse in today’s techno scene, and has produced releases for world-renowned labels like: Power Vacuum, Planet Rhythm, Genesa, Mindcut Music, Darkfloor, and Newrhythmic Records.
This moniker emphasizes the more industrial, and distorted side of Techno.
Recognizable by his originality and style, Olēka is the bright future of the genre.
Have a good listening.


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