068 – Oliver Kucera


01. Oliver Kucera – When It Kicks In (Original Mix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
02. Oliver Kucera & Dj Surgeles – Heisenberg (Original Mix)
03. Unknown Archetype – The Serpent (Original Mix) [R&S Records]
04. Oliver Kucera – Path Into The Unknown (Original Mix) [Mekanism Records]
05. Oliver Kucera – Grudge (Original Mix)
06. Marla Singer – Unexpected Meeting (Kill Ref Remix V1) [Invisible Borders]
07. Oliver Kucera – Akumabito (Original Mix) [Silver Sphere Drone]
08. Oliver Kucera & Diarmaid O Meara – Shadowmen (Original Mix) [Gobsmacked Records]
09. Kirk Degiorgio – Demarcation (Original Mix) [N&N Records]
10. Oliver Kucera & Diarmaid O Meara – Bunker (Original Mix) [Gobsmacked Records]
11. Oliver Kucera – RS001 (Original Mix)
12. DJ Ze MigL – Bring It On (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch Records]
13. Prisma – Crop (Original Mix) [Parabola Records]
14. Oliver Kucera – Opgesloten (Original Mix) [Your Mother Naked]
15. Oliver Kucera – Canned Illusions (Original Mix)
16. Urbano – MS909 (Oliver Kucera Remix) [Your Mother Naked]
17. Oliver Kucera – Asahi (Original Mix)
18. Exetra – Shape (Oliver Kucera Reshape) [Exetrarium]
19. Oliver Kucera – Chord Memory (Original Mix)
20. Oliver Kucera – Pump Da Rythm (Original Mix) [Your Mother Naked]
21. Oliver Kucera – Heliosphere (Original Mix) [DJAX Upbeats]

Oliver Kucera, “raw”, “exuberant’, “pure talent”, a few words that have been used to describe Amsterdam’s techno jewel and phenom. He is one man with his machines, a one of a kind old-school meets new-school warehouse techno connoisseur who has been destroying dance floors across Europe with his live sets since 2004.
Kucera’s productions are signed to some of the world’s most respected techno imprints such as Djax Records, UKR, Planet Rhythm, Audio Assault, YMN, DID Records, Gobsmacked and countless others.
His sound can be described as mind-bending, overwhelming and electronically seductive.
Known for his relentless work ethic in the studio and perfectionist mentality, he is considered an authority in 303/808/909 underground warfare and known for this take-no-prisoner attitude by his peers.
His powerful performances at Awakenings Festival, Dance Valley, Love Parade, U60311, Frankfurt Official, Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL), Suicide Circus Berlin, Paradigm, Techno Culturae, MTR Night among others, continue to push people to the edge of today’s techno frontier, giving them an experience that can only be described as forward thinking and bold.
Oliver continues to set the bar for live techno PAs and currently relies only on his machines rather than incorporating a laptop to deliver his sound.
He’s a purist, a legend in the making at the forefront of the global techno scene.
Oliver Kucera….man on a mission, delivering hand-crafted quality techno to those who expect nothing less than exceptional, world-class, unfiltered rawness.


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