067 – Operant


01. Lyra Fragment
02. Giorgio Cerrato – Rhyolite (Original Mix) [Multiple]
03. Onzour Shayatani – Meer (Original Mix)
04. Puce Mary – Dissolve (Original Mix) [Posh Isolation]
05. Cancer – Collapse (feat. Julien Louvet) [Voyder]
06. ANFS – Kounoupi (Original Mix) [Horo]
07. Operant – Unreleased
08. Korridor – The Fall (Original Mix) [Northern Electronics]
09. Abu Zeinah – No Balance (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
10. Orphx – Pain Is A Teacher (Original Mix) [Sonic Groove]
11. Instinct Escape – Impression (Original Mix)
12. Draag – Detox (Ayarcana Remix) [OMEN Recordings]
13. Rinzler – Someone Missing (Original Mix) [Euro2000]
14. Seïnart – Hestia (Original Mix) [ERADYS Records]
15. Varg – Rush_Tinder (Original Mix) [Posh Isolation]
16. Operant – Unreleased

The Berlin-based live duo and production unit, OPERANT, have progressively carved out their own space in the scene with boundary-defying electronic explorations, fuelled with tension and obscurity.
Characterised by unrestrained experimentation, the project brutally morphs itself as it pleases, both in performance and in the studio.
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