120 – Paàl


01. Pessimist – Outro [Blackest Ever Black]
02. Dario Zenker ft. Maurice P. – CEJ [Ilian Tape]
03. Toma Kami – Aces [Livity Sound]
04. Nico – Champ [Unreleased]
05. Bailey Ibbs – I’ll Always [Self Released]
06. Truth – Lion featuring Taso [Deep Medi Musik]
07. Simo Cell & Abdullah Miniawy – Locked In Sindrome [Brothers From Different Mothers]
08. Al Wootton – Natural Forward [Trule]
09. Invt – Primerea Vista [Self Released]
10. Joy Orbison – Elllipsis [Hinge Finger]
11. Masot – Beis [Unreleased]
12. Mariel Ito – Approach [R&S Records]
13. Ossia – Hack Dub [Berceuse Heroique]
14. AQXDM – Leisure Techno [Houndstooth]
15. West Nordwood Casette Library – I Get Hype [Sneaker Social Club]
16. Lakker – July [Self Released]
17. Tessela – Nancy Pantry [R&S Records]
18. Walton – Smashed Crabs [Tectonic]
19. Local Group – Random Utterances [Ritual Poison]
20. Bailey Ibbs – Romantic [Self Released]
21. Luca Lozano – The Path Of Most Resistance [Super Rhythm Trax]
22. DJ Trace – Apocalypse [Tempo Records]

Paàl – also known as one of the founders of the label Voitax – is an artist that devotes all of his passion to the sounds that he creates and the music that he supports.
His label has amassed a steady repertoire of output from artists such as Makaton, Mondkopf, Cressida, Rory St John and Swarm Intelligence – some of which have become core components of the label.
The focus in Paàl’s creations heavily lies on the quality of his sound and the art piece itself as an outcome of his unexpected jam session.

The DJ and producer places emphasis on all crevices of the electronic music spectrum, which is reflected in both the tracks that he produces and the sets he pieces together from his extensive record collection.
Paàl opts to engage the crowd’s lust for the unknown as opposed to feeding them an easy way out and has fast become recognized as a seasoned digger.


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