051 – Patrik Skoog


01. Anders Hellberg – Dawn (Original Mix) [Wunderblock]
02. Alexander Noakes – Post Anthropocene (Original Mix) [IF? Records]
03. Christian Bonori – MAB (Coeter Remix) [Kaputt-Musik]
04. Datura Dilema – Silicone Harness (Original Mix) [Subsist Records]
05. Enclave – Southey (Sebastian Bayne Retool Remix) [IF? Records]
06. Patrick Siech – Tetrahedron Cluster (Original Mix) [MARY GO WILD]
07. Edge of Motion – Interlinked (Original Mix) [Edge of Motion]
08. Kalter Ende – Pressure Clamp (Original Mix)
09. Lateral – Tidus (Original Mix) [IF? Records]
10. Patrik Skoog – Unreleased Track
11. Stanislav Tolkachev – Leather Mask (Original Mix)
12. Vertical Spectrum – Nemesis (Original Mix) [Animal Farm]
13. Vertical Spectrum – Divide And Conquer (Original Mix)
14. Dinamite – Necklace With Chain (Original Mix)
15. FAR – All In The Golden Afternoon (Original Mix)

The Swedish Patrik Skoog had releases throughout the late 90’s on Synewave, Planet Rhythm UK, Drumcode and other labels. Patrik is still active producing music under various names but also produces a series of events named “Sample + Hold” in Berlin where he lives, as well as running a label since the last 2 years with that same name. A dedicated soundsmith, he can turn his hand to anything he wishes with consistently high quality results.
Have a good listening.


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