168 – Pfirter


01. Nørbak – He Won’t Let You Fall (Intro Edit) [NRBK]
02. Lewis Fautzi – Symptomatic (Rødhad Remix) [Faut Section]
03. Audio Units – Duble Slit Experiment [Dynamic Reflection]
04. Denise Rabe & Ricardo Garduno – Bitch Please [Rabe]
05. Skjöld – Asteroids [Semantica Records]
06. Trismus – Missing Home (STNDRD Remix) [.inphase Records]
07. Reeko – From Beyond The Grave [Murder Records]
08. Temudo – 20 Minute Challenge [Illegal Alien LTD]
09. MSDMNR – Systematic [MSDMNR]
10. Amotik – Sadsath [Amotik]
11. NWHR – Territory
12. Kaiser – Innocence [SEKS Tapes]
13. MSDMNR – Osc Revenge [MSDMNR]
14. Slight Function – Parallel lines (Pfirter remix)
15. Pfirter – Unreleased
16. Kashpitzky – Pursuit [Mindtrip Rec]
17. Justyn Nell – Stuck in Orbit [K S R]
18. Talismann – Caru [Talismann]
19. Talismann – Tanan [Talismann]
20. Amotik – Chiyas [Amotik]
21. Deniro – Gharial [Token Records]
22. Arthur Robert – Overcome [Temporal Variation]
23. Pfirter – Light and Shadows
24. Milo Raad – Sidata [Soma Records]
25. Pfirter – New State of Consciousness – Voice [MindTrip Rec]

Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the Argentinian dj & producer Pfirter (MindTripRec).
For the past fifteen years Argentinian-born, Barcelona-based producer Juan Pablo Pfirter has been pushing a sound by turns steely, dark and uplifting, true to the founding principles of the techno tetramorph but eager to throw his own vanguard, personal touch into the mix.
From the early days onward, whether expressing himself via DJing, producing or as a label owner, Pfirter has worked his magic with focus and style, gracing the likes of CLR, Figure, Mord and Stroboscopic Artefacts with choice singles whilst headlining some of the most respected electronic music bastions and events including Berghain, Tresor, Concrete, Awakenings and Time Warp.
Ever since he embarked on his first European tour back in 2005, Juan Pablo has worked tirelessly at shaping one of the most idiosyncratic sounds in contemporary electronic music.
It’s a sound which combines the heavy thump of stadium-sized kicks with textured organic relief and hypnotic sub-bass motifs a thousand listens couldn’t diminish.
2006 saw the birth of Pfirter’s own imprint, MindTrip, which has become one of the brightest beacons in the ever-changing techno landscape. The label serves as both a vessel for his own output and that of his close friends and collaborators, including luminaries such as Jonas Kopp, Stanislav Tolkachev, Dold, Fanon Flowers and more.
In parallel, MindTrip has also flourished through its monthly podcast series, welcoming the likes of Antigone, Markus Suckut, Milton Bradley, Pär Grindvik, Jeroen Search and scores more exciting, singular artists, all invited to present an hour of music that captures the spirit and values of MindTrip.
After releasing over 50 club-formatted records, Pfirter took the leap into an album project with 2019’s ‘The Empty Space’, which provided a widescreen view into the subtle intricacies and rich emotional spectrum of his craft.
His sophomore full-length, Altered States, further builds upon the space for nuance and intrigue afforded by the long-play format, nodding to the club-oriented reality of his music while probing into the expressive, psychoactive possibilities embedded within the techno tradition.
Deftly bridging the gap between the inner and the outer, the fierce and the considered, Pfirter continues to collate eloquent pieces of work that swell in their impact when taken as a whole. Although his 12”s keep topping the specialist charts, Juan Pablo has proven the depth of his compositions doesn’t fade when the strobes flash their last, but rather haunt his listeners’ febrile minds long after the club has shut its doors. Darkness has rarely been so cozy.

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