150 – Privacy


01. Cabaret Voltaire – Cooled Out [Plastex]
02. Company Flow – Workers Needed [Rawkus]
03. Demdike Stare – Regolith [Modern Love]
04. Dont – End
05. Kool Keith – Seattle Tacoma [Threshold Recording]
06. Morphosis – Ascension [Delsin Records]
07. Pigface vs. Psychic TV – Hagseed (Slagseed Slagadelic Mix) [Invisible Records]
08. Merzbow – Intro [Alien8 Recordings]
09. Company Flow – Collude/Intrude (feat. J-Treds) [Rawkus]
10. Merzbow – Horiwari [Opposite Records]
11. VC-118A / Mohlao – Eha [TRUST]
12. Soon – Chance Operations
13. Der Plan – San Jose Car Muzak [Bureau B]
14. Analog Brothers – We Sleep Days [PimpRex Records]
15. Ghostride the Drift – A2 [XPQ?]
16. GEZA – DIA005 [Avian]
17. Einstruezende Neubauten – Weil Weil Weil [Potomak]

Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the Berlin-based dj & producer Privacy · (BITE Records / Lobster Theremin).

Privacy by name, privacy by nature: this artist has no need to reveal anything about themselves because their music is more than enough to keep your mind and feet occupied. It’s electro but with subtle differences in the way the corrugated drums make you jack, the way the metallic hits ring in your ears and the way the synths burrow deep into your psyche.
Privacy has produced a number of underground hits and dance floor bombs in the five years since debuting, but is constantly tweaking the template. More recent releases on the likes of Klasse Wrecks and Klakson Records have drifted off into different realms: there have been deeper cuts where watery chords sink you into an oceanic abyss, and lithe mutant bangers where acid energy and serene futurism rub up against each other.
In amongst all this, there have been sludgy slow motion soundscapes and distorted EBM interpretations on Valcrond Video which prove this artist can say whatever they want with equally compelling results.
Always uncompromising and authentic, Privacy’s music reveals more with each listen. It works on the dance floor but packs in such detail that closer listening also rewards your attention. It’s the same in the DJ booth, when eclectic sets twist and turn through music with meaning and purpose.
We might not know much about Privacy, then, but we know that they never fail to entertain in subtly different and enjoyably deceiving ways. And really, what else matters?

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