109 – Raär


01. Cremation Lily – The Processes and Instruments of Normal People [Strange Rules]
02. Antigone – Blue Note [Token Records]
03. JSSL – Echoes [ÆX]
04. DJ Lily – Immediate Access [LILIES]
05. Temudo & Nørbak – Battered From The Fall [Grey Report]
06. Phara – Friend Or Foe [VOLTAGE]
07. Svreca – FRUE (Rune Bagge Remix) [Semantica Records]
08. D.Dan – Take It Easy [Lobster Theremin]
09. Wrong Assessment – Emily And Her Guide Dog [AWRY]
10. Overlook & Karim Maas – Chalk [Standards & Practices Records]
11. Avatism – Alex Why (AQXDM Remix) [Vakant]
12. R O S H – You Should (Reprise) [Cod3 QR]
13. Temudo – Recognise, Admit, Learn, Forget [Illegal Alien Records]
14. Michael Wells – Universe Forms [Weekend Circuit]
15. R-Core – Panic Buttons [Two Hungry Ghosts]
16. Sam KDC – Betrayed [Channel 82]
17. Dard Å Ranj Från Det Hebbershålska Samfundet – Vaneföreställningsvärlden [Northern Electronics]

Vital Cornet, better known as Raär, is a Brussels-based house and techno producer.
Stylistically, the young Belgian man delivers a one-hour selection of the finest techno music and proves how broad the world of electronic music is.


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