044 – Radial


01. nthng – A Souls Search (Original Mix) [Delsin Records]
02. Skee Mask – Inti (Original Mix) [Ilian Tape]
03. Altstadt Echo – Dry Despair (Abdulla Rashim Remix) [Modern Cathedrals]
04. Conforce – Meuse-Plain (Original Mix) [Delsin Records]
05. Savas Pascalidis – Resonate (Echologist Cover Mix) [Atrophic Society]
06. Forest Drive West – Persistence Of Memory (Part 1) (Original Mix) [Hidden Hawaii]
07. Cirkle – Centaur (Original Mix) [Float Records]
08. Oisel – Quasar (Original Mix) [Float Records]
09. Kastil – Sacred Voltage (Original Mix) [Soul Notes / Stale]
10. Jheal Yyl – Scape Wheel (Edit) [SUB tl]
11. Clark – Superscope (Original Mix) [Warp Records]
12. Pfirter – Double Existence (Original Mix) [MindTripRec]
13. Finder – Eggdrop (Original Mix)
14. Drop-E – Latest Recourse (Original Mix) [DarkForest]
15. Deniro – Don Dino (Original Mix) [трип]
16. UVB – Pressure Me (Original Mix) [PVC]
17. Ben Long – Imperial Leather A1 (Original Mix) [Tortured Records]
18. Biemsix – Antidote (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix) [SK Black]
19. Roseen – Toxin (Original Mix) [AUSGANG]
20. Jamie Bissmire – Rhythms Of Nature (Claude Young Remix) [Ground]

Radial is the techno moniker of Jeroen Liebregts, originally from The Netherlands today residing in Barcelona, Spain.
Jeroen has been dj’ing since around ’98 and picked up music production soon after. Since 2002 Jeroen teamed up with Bas Mooy and started the label Audio Assault as a platform for their own work and that of artists whose work they admire. About a year later sublabel Arms was born. In 2014 his own brand new imprint Radial Records sees the light of day with the release of Crux, the second full length Radial album.
Always driven to dive deeper Jeroen started a 4-year studies of Sonology at the Conservatory in The Hague, which he finished in 2006. This study deals with electronic music composition, computer programming, analog synthesis and electronic instrument design among other things. This is probably what kickstarted his interest to use self designed instruments in his music. The constant quest for new technological approaches is an imported factor that helped shape his sound. His current tendency toward analog hardware based methods also resulted in his involvement in the design and development of the Synton Fenix modular synthesizer.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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