040 – Re:Axis


  1. Dial Tone – Cleo (Original Mix) [ARTS]
  2. Function – Untitled (Original Mix) [Sandwell District]
  3. Ø [Phase]] – Plateau Station (Original Mix) [Token Records]
  4. Abstract Division – Out Of Alignment (Original Mix) [FIGURE •]
  5. Truncate – Down (Original Mix) [Droid Recordings]
  6. Adryiano – Tasmic (Original Mix) [Cestraw]
  7. Alexi Delano – Debajo (Original Mix) [SVEK]
  8. Pär Grindvik – Culture Road (Original Mix) [Stockholm LTD]
  9. Chevel – Iptos (Original Mix) [Non Series]
  10. Shkedul – Vicolo (Original Mix) [KONFLKT]
  11. Invite – Refund (Original Mix) [Invite’s Choice Records]
  12. Planetary Assault Systems – Pull (Original Mix) [BlueprintRecords]
  13. Jeroen Search – Self Aware (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
  14. Jeroen Search – Clarity (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
  15. Markus Suckut – Your Body (Original Mix) [ODD / EVEN]
  16. Re:Axis – The Purpose (Original Mix) [Monocline Records]
  17. Under Black Helmet – To Wander On The Moon (Original Mix) [Mord Records]
  18. Confluence.- Ritual (Original Mix) [SUB tl]
  19. Cosmin TRG – Izolat (Original Mix) [50Weapons]
  20. Fang – Tensed (Original Mix) [Deeply Rooted]
  21. Sept – Script (I/Y Remix) [Voxnox Records]
  22. Vladw – Dglate (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
  23. Slam – My Machine 909 (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
  24. Sterac, Scorp – New Energy (Original Mix) [Token Records]
  25. Reload – Peschi (Original Mix) [Warp Records]

José Diogo Correia aka Re:Axis was born in the North of Portugal in 1984.
Music has always been innate to him and he started by learning to play musical instruments such as classic Piano and acoustic Guitar at the age of 6 years old.
Taken by the desire to create something unique, he shared knowledge with professional musicians and studied Piano, harmony and improvisation at the Jazz School of Oporto, having later completed his education studying Engineering and Sound Design in Lisbon, where he had the possibility to work with hardware and software.
Inspired by contemporary artists and looking for a musical philosophy of self-identity, he became a professional musician in 2005.
After having traveled around the world performing his own music, being played by the biggest artists in the electronic scene since 2006, he is living a rich and productive period of creation with all the energy, experience and maturity acquired over the past years.


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