144 – Rory St John


01. Acidic Male – Face Full of Rings [Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Cover Tape 1]
02. Christian Piers – Offf [17 Steps]
03. Container – Queaser [Scramblers]
04. Rumenige – N5T1 [Numb]
05. Skee Mask – Play Ha [Ilian Tape]
06. Yilan – Regression (Superficie Remix) [Infinite Machine]
07. Ascion – Piwert [Repitch]
08. DAIYE – Nummers [Power Vacuum]
09. Unknown Artist – Dead Letter Drop 1 [Not on Label]
10. Scalameriya – Plothole [Perc Trax]
11. Michael Aurelius – Broken Fangs [Twisted Rope]
12. Huren – Man of the Cloth [Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Cover Tape 1]
13. Derlich – In Your Black Eyes [Zhark Recordings]
14. Yurij – Terraforming [Agiavarvara Originals]
15. Nene H – Real Can Relate (Sunil Sharpe Remix) [Falling Ethics]
16. AFX – P-String [трип]
17. EMIT – Free Stuff Forever [Raw Reflex]
18. Dead Fader – Cheewolf [Murder Channel]
19. Measure Divide – Parallel [Clergy]
20. Hosmoz – Fading Mechanisms [Bedroom Research]
21. Mustatunturi – Usva [Power Vacuum]
22. Endlec – To Maintain the Flow [Mord Records]
23. Invexis – Substratum [Expanded]
24. Oroboro – Ever Wandering [Tar]
25. Karenn – Shoes Off [Voam]
26. Exium – Low-pressure Discharge [Pole Group]
27. Oprofesssionell – SXTOOL [Positive Source]
28. PTU – Red Green Blue Communications [Trip]
29. Last Days of S.E.X. – Sabotage Normality [HANDS]
30. Marcel Dune – It’s Ok To Have No Fun (Ascion Remix) [RePitch]
31. TRV – Access Collective Unconsciousness [Dominance Electricity]


From early days of hardcore and hard dance, interest was always focused on producing unique and new sonic spaces, which has taken him through a range of styles and faces over the years.
After releasing some records under various pseudonyms, Rory St John is back where he left off, using his birth name and creating rhythmic racket spanning genre or tempo.
Influenced by the purity of the techno sound, releases under his own name concentrate on expression as a form of self-purge.


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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