116 – Samantha Togni


01. Craig Birrell – zoom0059 [Temporize]
02. Noir – Hoist [Noir Music Official]
03. VSK – Pendulum [Standards & Practices Records]
04. A Thousand Details – Mirage [ATD Records]
05. A Thousand Details – Envidia [ATD Records]
06. Christian Gerlach – Spica [Lanthan.audio]
07. Bastian Balders – The Blue God (Alexander Kowalski’s Planet Earth Mix) [Damage Music Berlin]
08. Torca – Dorghe [Unreleased]
09. Matt Hayes – Domain [Kombinat]
10. Z.I.P.P.O. – Seq_01 Live [Pushmaster Discs]
11. -2 – Ajuste [Corpus Black Records]
12. Keith Carnal – Subtle Invitation [ARTS]
13. NKX & Hannah Addams – Pandemonium (Ricardo Garduno Remix) [Casanova Bar]
14. Cristian Marras – Multiform [Suburban Avenue]
15. Norberto Lusso – Blue Tunnel [Elektrax Recordings]
16. Menwood – Aronax [Burst]
17. Vincenzo Pizzi – Shōgun [Pyteca]
18. Balrog – Lift my Hands [OBSCUUR Records]
19. KaioBarssalos – Pilot [Modular Expansion]
20. SLV – Solar Flame [Suburban Avenue]
21. No.Name – Exit [Unreleased]
22. Dstm – Selfish Attitude [Entail Music]
23. AEIT – Thoughts of Betrayal [Sacred Court]
24. Cristian Varela – Addiction (Hioll Remix) [Black Codes Experiments]
25. Tommy Holohan – Fear What You Don’t Understand [HAVEN INTL]
26. Fixon – Destroyed Landscape [Illegal Alien Records]


Cristian Marras is an exciting DJ/Producer, based in Berlin who has slowly been working his way through clubs in Berlin, Italy, Spain, Holland nd others.
He plays solid driving contemporary Techno, creating raw, fast changing atmospheres, mixing together multiple layers, swinging from a instrumental hypnotic sound to a hard groove, caught by acid drops and often going to an industrial direction.
Showing good knowledge of the genre for someone so new in the scene, Cristian discovered his passion for electronic music, during the last years of high school in east coast of USA, where he started to interest himself to the first and second generation of Detroit Electronic Producers.
Since the last 3 years Cristian performed several gigs in different countries in clubs like: Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL), Suicide Club Berlin, ABOUT BLANK, Arena, Griessmuehle, (Berlin); Sfinks700 (Sopot); Studio76, Pirandello Club (Madrid); Annexe Club (Lyon); TimeShift Bologna; Masada (Milano) Amsterdam Dance Event Festival (Amsterdam); Trax Club (Vigo); Saponeria Club, (Rome); Ickarus Club -, (Firenze) ecc.
Cristian had released from 2015 till today on the following labels: WarinD Records, 2RB Records, Ritual Records, Advanced Black, Limited G. and Stratosphera Records.


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