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SARIN is an audio/video and industrial technoid electronics project based out of Berlin and originally from Toronto. His latest full length release “Moral Cleansing” came out on Phase Fatale & Florian Engerling’s BITE imprint in November 2019 with previous releases on that label including the “Kuleshov Effect” and the “Will to Destroy” collaborative with Imperial Black Unit before that. His first two 12” releases “Current Conflict” and “Shifting Allegiance” came out in 2016 and 2017 on the venerable German label [aufnahme + wiedergabe].
SARIN is also half of the projects KONKURS (with Blush_Response), Human Performance Lab (with Matt Cangiano) & Nostromo (with Unhuman).
The “Moral Cleansing” release was the result of his obsessive channeling of historical/geopolitical events referencing past horrors, conflicts and world events while also hinting at those that lay ahead. SARIN pulls samples, themes and inspiration from a large palette of media detritus to inject into his disintegrating visceral rhythms, descending sequences and minimalist yet catchy basslines. He is also the founder of X-IMG; an audio/video platform focused on showcasing fresh unknown producers alongside more familiar artists all operating within the world of underground dark electronics and body-techno dystopias.


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