056 – Sawlin


01. Sawlin – Carrera Fold (Original Mix) [Bikiniarz]
02. Vainqueur – Reduce 2 (Original Mix)[Chain Reaction]
03. Sawlin & Subjected – A1 (Original Mix) [Vault Series]
04. Vainqueur – Elevation 2 (Original Mix) [Chain Reaction]
05. Xhin – Blade Moth (Original Mix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
06. Sawlin – Velope (Original Mix) [Bikiniarz]
07. Prince of Denmark – Latenightjam (Original Mix) [Giegling]
08. Sawlin – Industrial Orange (Original Mix) [Get Physical]
09. Moerbeck – Untitled 1 (Original Mix) [Vault Series]
10. Sawlin – Laster Original Mix) [Unsigned]
11. Van Bonn – Souls Unite Master (Original Mix) [Van Bonn Records]

Sawlin is well known for his unapologetic Techno.
His early releases squirmed with personality, and perverted vocals and offbeat sounds are still trademarks today.
Not much is known of Sawlin – as the Vault Series website reflects: “What are letters, signs and words, when the records and the productions speak their own language?”


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