103 – Slavetosociety


01. Kinlaw – Agglestone [Haunter Records]
02. Ena – 20 Division [Different Circles]
03. The Body – Ten Times A Day Everyday A Stranger (Container Remix) [Thrill Jockey Records]
04. Espectra Negra – The Children Of God [Instruments of Discipline]
05. Edge of Motion – Hell Is Other People [Edge of Motion]
06. Amboss – Odd Code [Praxis Records]
07. NAKED – Destroy [Halcyon Veil]
08. Kommando – Hāutung [ant-zen]
09. Deafkids – Raiz Negativa (Não-Vontade) [Neurot Recordings]
10. Terrorfakt – Rhythm & Hate [Metropolis Records]
11. Somatic Responses – Ucircumflex [Hymen Records]
12. Persona Non Grata – P.A.I.N. [Industrial Strength Records]
13. NAKED – Tear [Halcyon Veil]
14. Ecko Bazz – Nightmare Song [Hakuna Kulala]
15. hypnoskull – What Cha Gonna Do
16. Demanufacturer – Peace Of Our Time [Industrial Strength Records]
17. Raw Science – Deicide [Holotype Audio]
18. Limewax Official ft Mc Swift – Shallow Minds [PRSPCT Recordings]
19. Espectra Negra – Bleeding Consciousness [Instruments of Discipline]
20. Croatian Amor & Varg 2 – Body Of Carbon [posh isolation]
21. DJ Loser – Acid Pattern 12 [Veyl]
22. Jem One – The Approach [Holotype Audio]

Slave To Society is the new solo project of Andrew Bowen one half of AnD & #Shadows.
With Slave To Society releasing his first releases on Bank Records NYC and Scuderia last year, there will be more explosive releases to follow this year on labels like Scuderia and Pure Hate.
Exploring the extremities of the hardcore sound, tempo unrelated this is about music with an antagonistic approach.
Industrial and experimental noise music mixed with electronic rhythms from techno to jungle.
Think for ourselves, create and move outside the realm of ordinary submission.
Don’t be a slave to society!


Write for a collaboration with SFNW

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