150 – Sorcery


01. Paraadiso – Caustics [SVBKVLT]
02. Prettybwoy – Jeopardy feat. Primula [SVBKVLT]
03. A2A – Yike! [Local Action Records]
04. Svreca – How To Become Nothing (Shifted Version) [Semantica Records]
05. Batu – Inner Space [Timedance]
06. Wata Igarashi – Bones [Self-Released]
07. APEAK – Graze [Changeless]
08. Incendie – Glass (Arson Edit) [Under My Feet]
09. Laksa – Sen On One [Timedance]
10. Myxomy – Toxin Out [Subtext Recordings]
11. Ziúr – Fly Like A Moth [Now Now / Multiverse LTD]
12. TSVI – Sogno [Nervous Horizon]
13. Sorcery – Viper Reflex [Unreleased]
14. KAVARI – 2x Wings (^^^Uppers Mix)
15. Manni Dee – Stride By Stride [Perc Trax]
16. Ghost In The Machine – Zero (Scalameriya Remix) [Perc Trax]
17. Slave To Society – Celestrial Dog [Scuderia]
18. Giant Swan – IGOM [Physically Sick 2]
19. DRH – CRS 10.3 [Curse]
20. Kangding Ray – Doppler Shift [Figure]
21. Ireen Amnes – Dysfunctional Love
22. Lurka – ssppeedd [Timedance]
23. Overlook – Former Self [Osiris Music]
24. Sorcery – Idle Slit Scan [Unreleased]
25. Denise Rabe – Pretending [Rabe]
26. Denise Rabe – Unresolved Tenison (Luis Flores Remix) [Rabe]
27. Liza Aikin – Romero 76 [Metempsychosis Records]
28. 6SISS – Katarakt [Metempsychosis Records]
29. Air Max ’97 – Eat The Rich [Timedance]
30. Nihx – The Hidden [Self-Released]
32. Kamikaze Space Programme – Ashes To Ashes [Osiris Music]
33. SØS Gunver Ryberg – Flux [Whities]
34. Aho Ssan – Simulacrum III – (Exploited Body Remix) [Subtext Recordings]
35. Deru – Pyre [Friends of Friends]
36. KCIN – Now, But Not Forever [Spirit Level]

Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the Berlin-based musician Merlin Ettore / Sorcery (Midnight Shift / Bedouin Records).

Sorcery cuts a unique presence in electronic music’s experimental underground.
A passion for the interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments has lead to the creation of intricate, mind bending and challenging compositions.
There’s an unrelenting and visceral impulse to his work, defined by a life-long and far-reaching passion for the rhythmic qualities of music.
It’s a compelling, abrasive alchemy, defined by a belief in pursuing the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’.
This is ‘total’ music production: composition, collaboration, performance and recording – of which is a proven a master in all four disciplines.

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